Teenage F3 driver, Sophia Floersch has had a successful 11-hour surgery with “no fear of paralysis”, her team boss confirmed. Macau Formula Three Grand Prix on Sunday witnessed the horrific accident which caused the 17-year old teenager a spinal fracture when her car flew off the track.

Her car catapulted off the track and crashed into a photographer’s bunker while racing at more than 275 kilometers per hour on the tight street circuit. Japanese driver Sho Tsuboi, whose car Sophia collided with was also taken to the hospital along with two members of the media and one marshal after the crash.

It took a team of specialists over nine hours to repair her fractured vertebra and remove a bone splinter. During the procedure, doctors took her hip bone to repair the damaged vertebra.

Floersch thanked her doctor and all her fans that supported her through the last few days and posted on Facebook that she is going to come back.

“I hope from now onwards it only gets better. I have to stay a few more days in Macau until I am transportable.”

Despite the terrifying accident, Van Amersfoort was quite confident that she will return back to racing after “some time”.