All of us got hooked up to our TV screens during the ongoing FIFA season and saw the rains of emotions and controversies flooding every day. Unfortunately, France won and this excitement came to a halt and except throwing up FIFA facts and predictions in each other, we didn’t know what to do next. But if you are bored and desperate to watch some nail-biting football matches, here’s something to keep up our excitement.

Meghalaya is hosting a Baby League where young kids can be seen playing football on the field and we bet you won’t be able to take your eyes off them. Every Saturday, the kids on Shillong dress up in some vibrant dresses and takes on the field with a storm and with lots of cuteness.

Baby Leagues allows an age gap of 8-12 years to participate with their teams in Baby League and get enough professional to tackle some big bulls on the field. Before Meghalaya, it was the Western India Football Association and Mumbai City FC introduced Baby League in the city, setting up 24 development centres in Mumbai and Pune. Mumbai City FC aims to grooms the talent through these academies. They will soon extend the Baby League to other parts of the country as well. The Baby League aims to see a participation of 72 teams and 1440 players active in it. The participating teams and academies will create Under-8, Under-10 and Under-12 teams and will play against each other on weekends in a home and away format.