The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has confirmed that the Australian cricketer David Warner who changed stance from left-hand to right-hand during Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) match is within the cricketing laws.

“The laws do not state that a batsman can bat only in one way and from the footage seen it is clear that Warner made it obvious that he was changing to batting right-handed. The bowler who was Chris Gayle altered the field accordingly and everyone appears to know what was happening”, the MCC, the custodians of the Laws of the game told.

The Australian batsman was struggling on the pitch during the 19th over of the innings following which he changed his stance and the trick worked well with him as he hit back to back boundaries to Gayle in the over.

Warner suffered from an elbow injury which requires surgery, effectively ruling him out of the ongoing Bangladesh Premier League. Before departing home on January 21 David Warner will play two matches for Sixers which are scheduled to be held on January 18th and 19th.