The home side, Gujarat will play against Haryana in a Zone A match at the Transstadia Arena tonight at 8 PM.

Gujarat emerged victorious against Mumba, 39-35, cordiality of a solid all-around performance driven by their defense. Their defense was absolutely on the mark with 12 tackle points against any semblance of Siddharth Desai and his unit. Parvesh Bhainswal scored one more High-5 and was the best defender in the match with 6 tackle points. The raiding unit of Gujarat contributed with 21 raid points and was driven by K Prapanjan who scored a Super-10 and was capably supported by Sachin who scored 7, including 6 raid points.

On the other hand, Haryana will be playing after a seven days recession, their match played against the Tamils which ended up in a tie with 32 points scored by each side. Vikas Khandola has been the star for the Haryanvis with 110 raid points in 13 matches and is thriving under the additional obligation of captaining the side. In the defense division, Kuldeep Singh is driving the count for Haryana with 28 tackle points from 13 matches. Monu Goyat needs to recapture his form back and become useful for his group. The weight of being the costliest player of the season has wreaked ruin on his form and has shortened the opportunity with which he used to attack in the past seasons. Since Vikas Khandola is doing great, Monu should be included in the starting lineup and he must invest his energy in the court to recover his form without the additional stress of being the best raider for the group.

The last time the two groups, Gujarat and Haryana confronted each other was in Match 11 of this season at the Haryana leg in Sonepat, where Haryana won against Gujarat with a 32-25 score.

Tentative 7 players aligned for each team

Gujarat Team: (Captain) Sunil Kumar, Sachin Vittala, Ruturaj Koravi, K Prapanjan, Mahendra Ganesh Rajput/ Dong Geon Lee, Parvesh Bhainswal, Sachin Tanwar

Haryana Team: (Captain) Monu Goyat, Naveen, Parveen, Mayur Shivtarkar, Vikas Khandola, Sunil, Kuldeep Singh


Sachin Tanwar and Vikas Kandola

Sachin Tanwar has developed as one of the best raiders for Gujarat and will be expected to hype their scores in tonight’s match too. Vikas Kandola’s raiding characteristics are exemplary and they will go far for the Haryana group in tonight’s match.


Sachin Vittala, Parveen and Ruturaj Koravi

Sachin Vittala is prepared to secure great tackle points and thus he would be expected to expand his group’s score. Ruturaj will anticipate fits on the Haryana raiders for sure while Parveen’s incredible tackles and blocks will help Haryana to score points for their side.

All Rounders

Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar has never led his team of fans down with his all-rounding performance and he would be expected to bring in the same robust attitude in tonight’s match too.


Match Prediction – Gujarat vs Haryana

We strongly think that Gujarat would win tonight’s match against Haryana.