A Haris Seferovic-inspired, stunning comeback from Switzerland had placed them into the top four with England, Portugal, and either France or Netherlands at Nations League Finals.

Desperate to take the lead, Swiss began with a slow start and within 19-minutes into gameplay, Belgium’s Thorgan Hazard had already scored twice handing the dominance to Swiss.

However, Switzerland turned the game around in a way that Switzerland had captured the turf and ball was in their control and in their side. Ricardo scored from the penalty spot and then Seferovic netted twice and by the halftime, Switzerland surpassed Belgium at 3-2.

Pass the half-time, Switzerland was supposed to maintain the score difference but Swiss later on to went two more goals for the team and ending the match at 5-2.

Whether it was Swiss’s excellency or Belgium’s stupidity but on-lookers and many footballers believe that Belgium got carried away after their flying start.

“Arrogance? No, we were surprised on counter-attacks, we forgot to defend well,” coach Roberto Martinez said after the 5-2 defeat.

Definitely, a smooth start from Belgium had them like nothing could go wrong but they forgot they were in a competitive match where Switzerland stands as an equal threat.

“With a 2-0 lead, we should never have given it away from anymore. We have to learn from our mistakes as today we learned a crucial lesson.” Midfielder Thorgan Hazard pointed out where they went wrong.