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RankCash in Winnings
1BMW G310 Bike
6 to 1015,000
11 to 257,000
26 to 505,000
51 to 1002,500
100 to 3002000 (Bonus)
301 to 5001000 (Bonus)
501 to 1000500 (Bonus)

PlayerzPot Grand League Leaderboard

Click on the following link to see the Grand League Leaderboard -

Point System – (Contest is only valid till October 15th, 2021 on the Indian PlayerzPot League matches)

1. Pots joined with a total prize pool of Rs.1 Lakh or more will only be eligible for the leaderboard.

2. 1% of the user's total eligible pot joining amount will be added to their tally. For e.g. - If the user plays pot worth Rs.1000 in a day. 10 additional points will be awarded. 

3. For every match joined by the user, 6 points will be rewarded. For e.g. If you join 2 matches in a day, 12 points will be added to your leaderboard score.

4. If a user joins with all squads in pots where 12 squad entries are allowed, users will be rewarded 10 points for each joining. In total 120 points will be added towards the Grand League Leaderboard. 

5. If a user joins multiple Grand League Pots, they will be awarded 5 additional points for every Grand League joining.

6. The highest points scored by a user’s best-performing team for the match will be added to the Grand League Leaderboard count. Example: If you join pot/s with 5 teams and the team points are as follows: 224, 631, 488, 720 and 108. The highest point from all the joined teams will be considered which is 720 in this case.

7. Second Innings Fantasy will also be considered for the Leaderboard contest.

8. Live Fantasy will not be considered for the Grand League Leaderboard contest.  

To increase your chances of winning, try to score the most points in the matches & join as many Grand Leagues of the highest value as you can!

Terms & Conditions:

* All the PlayerzPot registered users are eligible to enter the contest.

* Users should enter the paid pots with any squad for consideration of the points as explained. The user is hereby informed that private pots will not be considered.

* Cash prizes (Deposit & Bonus) will be added to the winner’s respective PlayerzPot wallet within 48 hours of Leaderboard completion.

It is the responsibility of the winner to furnish the delivery address with all the accurate details. 

* The fulfillment of the prize is subject to product availability. If not available, another prize of similar value will be given. Product color will be at the sole discretion of the company.

* Prizes are non-transferable & no claims of dispersing cash in place of the prize will be entertained.

* Product guarantee/warranty is ensured by the manufacturer & PlayerzPot will not be liable for any product discrepancy, defects, or performance issues.

* The prize should be claimed by the winner within 30 days of the announcement. Thereafter the company will not be liable to provide the same.

* Bonus won comes with the validity of 30 days. On completion, the bonus will expire & will no longer be available to use.

* Taxes will be applicable & deducted as per the Income Tax Act of the Government.

* Any user making a participation in the program by proxy will not be permitted.

* A user shall not register or operate more than one account with PlayerzPot.

* If a match is cancelled or abandoned or the pot is cancelled then the points will not be considered.

* Leaderboard prizes will be revised in case the Indian PlayerzPot League schedule is affected/postponed.

* No two offers can be clubbed together.

* PlayerzPot has sole rights to change or update these T&C with or without prior notice to users.
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