Playerzpot League Leaderboard Phase 3

Playerzpot League Leaderboard Phase 3

PlayerzPot League Leaderboard

Phase 3 (6th May to 29th May 2022)

4 & 550,000
6 to 1025,000
11 to 2515,000
26 to 1006,000
101 to 2002,000
201 to 5001,500
501 to 1000750
1001 to 1500100 +650 Bonus
1501 to 5000500 Bonus
5001 to 8000300 Bonus

Click on the following link to see the leaderboard  

Point System – (Contest is only valid on Indian PlayerzPot League matches)

1. Pots joined with a minimum entry fee of Rs. 100 or more will only be eligible for the leaderboard.

2. 1% of the user's total pot joining amount will be added to their tally.

For eg: If the user plays pots worth Rs.1000 in a day. 10 additional points will be awarded. 

3. For every match joined by the user, 6 points will be rewarded.

For eg: If you join 2 matches in a day, 12 points will be added to your leaderboard score.

4. For every pot joined by the user wherever only a single squad entry is allowed 2 points will be rewarded towards the leaderboard. 

5. For pots joined by the user where multiple squad entry is allowed, even If multiple entries are made in the same pot only 2 points will be rewarded. 

6. The highest points scored by a user’s best-performing team for the match will be added to the leaderboard count.

For eg: If you join pot/s with 5 teams and the team points are as follows 224,631,488,720 and 108. The highest point from all the joined teams will be considered which is 720 in this case.

7. Points will be updated within 24 hours

8. Second Innings Fantasy will also be considered for the leaderboard contest.

9. Live Fantasy will not be considered for the leaderboard contest.

To increase your chances of winning, try to score the most points in the matches & join as many pots as you can!


Terms & Conditions -

* All the PlayerzPot Registered users are eligible to enter the contest.

* Users should enter the Paid pots with any squad for consideration of the points as explained below. The user is hereby informed that Private pots will not be considered.

* Any user making a Participation in the Program by proxy will not be permitted.

* A user shall not register or operate more than one account with PlayerzPot.

* If a Match is canceled or abandoned or the pot is canceled then the points will not be considered.

* In case the league is canceled or postponed the prize will be distributed once the league is completed

* No two offers can be clubbed together.

* PlayerzPot has sole rights to change or update these T&C with or without prior notice to users.

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