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Fantasy Sports are the virtual representation of the sports which you enjoy. Thus, fantasy sports help users experience their favourite sport on a whole other level. Users also get the opportunity to use their knowledge and skill in their favourite sports to their own benefit. Users can create their own team by picking players from sports such as Cricket, Football, Basketball, Kabaddi and Esports.
A user is allotted 1000 gems to make the fantasy team, with the gems required to get a player into the team changing on a match-by-match basis. The fantasy team of the user generates points based on the real-time performance of the players in the user’s team. Higher the amount of points your players score, the higher your chance of winning. There are a number of pots you can enter, depending upon your level of expertise and your budget per match. Winnings differ from cash prizes to other kinds of prizes, depending on the pots which you enter.

How to play Fantasy Sports on PlayerzPot?

PlayerzPot Fantasy App is a platform that offers you to virtually play fantasy games like Cricket, Kabaddi, Football and a lot more games. Here's how you can play your favourite fantasy sport on PlayerzPot.

  1. Select the sport you want to play.
  2. Create a winning team from the allotted gems.
  3. Choose an appropriate Captain and Vice Captain.
  4. Enter the pot of your choice. You can also enter more than 1 pot.
  5. Score high and rank higher to win real cash prizes.

Select A Match

Choose an upcoming match that you want to play

Create Your Squad

Use your skills to pick the right players

Select Pots

Choose between different pots and compete

Reviews & Ratings

App Rating 4.7
1,83,342 ratings
ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings
ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings
Saif Khan
Saif Khan
"Mujhe PlayerzPot ke baare mein dost ne bataya tha, after trying it myself I found it simple and user-friendly. I’ve always enjoyed playing games & mujhe uska fayda mila. Fantasy has pots of all sizes & information about players is available."
WON ₹15 Cr+
"I can never get enough of PlayerzPot, mai iss app ko lambe time se use kar raha aur hamesha maza ata hai. My sports knowledge comes in handy with Fantasy, rewards are awesome! Games bohot mazedaar aur good value hain."
WON ₹10 Cr+
Ranjesh Gupta
Ranjesh Gupta
"I found PlayerzPot by their TV ad, jab khelne laga toh bohot maza aaya! Seriously games easy hain aur mujhe fantasy sports mein bhi interest hai, availability of all sports data on app makes research smooth."
WON ₹3 Cr+


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