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About Ludo Game

Ludo is simply one of the best board games available to play. The game can be played with a total of two to four players. It is widely accepted that Ludo originated in India somewhere around 6th century and since then has gone under significant changes. Back in the day the game was played on a piece of cloth and slates, it was commonly known as Pachisi. The best part about the game is that it teaches you important life lessons and can be enjoyed by players of all age groups. With the long history of the game over the years and twists and turns, the game has managed to keep gamers entertained with always wanting more.
The classic Ludo board game has now transitioned into a popular culture where millions are flocking to play the most desired game online. You heard it right, ludo game online is the way to go about these days for a good gaming session. Moreover, it is rather simple to play the game, all you need to do is to download ludo app of your choice and enjoy your sessions. Those who are concerned about how to play ludo games, do not worry as these games are self-explanatory and once you get a hang of them, it can be a joyride.
Rolling the dice, the Ludo player is in for a thrilling ride whenever the game is played. The element which makes the game so exciting is that the player has got to attack and defend, without these traits the players simply cannot win the game. Ludo forces you to plan, strategize and execute adding different elements to the game. Now that the game is just a click away, more and more players are starting to enjoy the best of online Ludo gaming experience, make sure you do not miss out on the fun.
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Online Ludo Game Rules

Playing online Ludo has now become a trend, moreover, with the famed board games taking over the online gaming segment there has been a rapid rise in the number of new players starting their journey as online Ludo players. However, with newbies joining the game they hit a brick wall at first in understanding the nature of online ludo games and how to go about it in the initial stages. Well, the answer to this obstacle is simple, get well-versed with ludo game rules. Are you up for the challenge of an online ludo game and earning money? Then these are the rules that you will need to follow.
First things first, the game is played between two to four players. There are a total of four tokens allotted to each player with a distinct colour. The player who manages to roll six on the dice first gets to move one of the tokens from the home square. Players have to move the number of squares that appear on the roll of the dice, similarly, they cannot jump the square or choose to move their tokens. Important to note that player tokens cannot be eliminated on the star-marked square which is placed scarcely across the board. Once the token is eliminated it returns back to the home square where the player has to start from scratch.
The main objective of the ludo game is to secure all four tokens in the home column and to do that, the tokens have to travel across the board avoiding all the opponents and the traps. There is no limit on the number of times you can incur and hand out the elimination of the tokens. The players get an extra roll of the dice, whenever they roll a six. While on the brink of the finish, the players will need an exact number of rolls to finish the last six squares. In order to be crowned the winner, all four tokens must safely reach the home column.

How to Download Ludo Real Money Earning App

Your search for the best Ludo Real Money Earning App has now come to an end. Playerzpot Ludo has been a pioneer in offering the best online Ludo experience to players and you are about to enter the thrill ride. However, you will only be able to enjoy these games if you have downloaded the Playerzpot best ludo earning app. For starters, you can visit Playerzpot.com and receive a download link for the Ludo game by registering your mobile number. Rest assured the game is made available for both Android and iOS users, the steps to download the game are mentioned below.

Quick Step to Download Ludo Earning App on Android

  • The players can download the Android apk pack that is made available on Playerzpot.com.
  • Once downloaded, allow the permissions if prompted and then successfully install the app on your device.
  • You can also get a download link via your mobile number after you have registered on Playerzpot.
  • These are the simple steps players can choose to download the Ludo Money App for Android.

Quick Step to Download Ludo Earning App on iOS

  • The players who are looking to download the Ludo Money App on iOS can do so by directly heading to the Apple App Store.
  • Click on the search button and look for Playerzpot App, download the file, install the game and head to the games section, and click on Ludo.
  • There you have simple and easy steps for iOS players to download the Ludo Money App on iOS.

How to Play Ludo Online?

In order to start your journey, you will first need to know the basics. The game is generally played between two to four players sitting next to each other. Each ludo player has four similar coloured tokens placed in their home square. The player then rolls the dice to move their tokens across the board to the finish line. Ludo on PlayerzPot can be played with 2 or 4 ludo players, with each player getting their designated colour of the token (Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue).

In Order to Play Ludo Games Online, You Will First Need to Learn the Basics

  • The game of Ludo is played between two to four players next to each other. All the players will have a designated coloured token which will be moved across the board.
  • All the tokens of all four ludo players will be placed in their home square.
  • Will have to move their respective tokens across the board with the use of the dice to the finish line.
  • The player who manages to get all four of their respective tokens across the finish line is crowned the winner.
  • Players can eliminate the tokens of their oppositions, thus sending them back to the home square.
  • The players have to move the number of boxes that appears on the dice.

Steps to Play Online Ludo Game with 2 players

The ludo game online play 2 player mode is an excellent way to test out your gaming skills. In a player vs player contest, you will be able to trade blows and reward yourself with real cash on winning. Here are the steps you need to follow to join the 2 player ludo game on Playerzpot.

Step 1: Visit Playerzpot
Step 2: Choose 2-Player Mode
Step 3: Set Up the Game
Step 4: Start the Game
Step 5: Play and Win
Step 6: Celebrate Victory

Steps to Play Online Ludo game with 4 players

It is indeed a thrilling prospect to play Ludo game online 4 player mode. Accelerate, Plan, Execute, and Dash off to the home square that’s the name of the game in online multiplayer ludo game.

Step 1: Visit Playerzpot
Step 2: Choose 4-Player Mode
Step 3: Set Up the Game
Step 4: Start the Game
Step 5: Play and Win
Step 6: Celebrate Victory

How to Play Ludo Multiplayer Online

Play ludo online multiplayer game of your choice on Playerzpot. You can join 4 player game, 3 player game or just a 2 player game mode.
You can play ludo upto 4 player whether it is 2 players, 3 players or 4 players.

Step 1: Visit Playerzpot
Step 2: Choose Multiplayer Mode
Step 3: Set Up the Game
Step 4: Start the Game
Step 5: Play and Win
Step 6: Celebrate Victory

Play Ludo Online with Friends and Family: Enjoy Unlimited Fun

Online Ludo with friends and family is a different vibe altogether. Enjoy the unlimited fun of enjoying your favourite ludo with your friends only on Playerzpot.

Step 1: Visit Playerzpot
Step 2: Choose Multiplayer Mode and invite friends
Step 3: Set Up the Game
Step 4: Start the Game
Step 5: Play and Win
Step 6: Celebrate Victory

Check Video Tutorial to Play Ludo Online on PlayerzPot and Win Real Money

How to Play Ludo Game How to Play Ludo Game

Tips to Win Ludo Game Online

  • Get all your tokens into the play from the beginning. In doing so you will have options to look for when needed rather than relying on a single token to make it to the finish line.
  • Make sure you keep your pieces on the board moving. It is in the best interest for you to get as much of a spread of your tokens across the ludo board. This makes your next move clear and also helps you adjust and adapt to any surprising move thrown at you by the opponents.
  • Plan on your next move, do not keep yourself restricted to the play on your hand but rather look for the next move on your next roll of the dice. This will make the opponents confused about your intention thus handing you the advantage.
  • Strategically and timely elimination of your opponents carves an easy path for your tokens to move ahead. Importantly, the more the opponent's tokens you eliminate, the higher are your chances of winning the ludo online game.
  • Plan your escape beforehand, always be on the lookout for the opponents setting up a trap for your tokens. The timely intervention will help you secure your pieces.
  • The safest place is near your home, whenever you are looking to get out of a sticky situation during the gameplay, only move if you have rolled six on the dice.
  • Never wait to strike or move. So, in order to stay ahead of the curve, strike whenever there’s an opportunity and move quickly across the board when given the chance.
For more winning tips and tricks for Online Ludo refer to our blog section.

Why Ludo Became Best Online Money Earning Game?

Ludo is the most popular board game in India by far, each and every soul in the country has at least played this once. The thrill of the game has continued to entertain and provide fun to the users, all thanks to technological advancements and the rise of online gaming. Moreover, with ludo earning apps now budding the players are now making real money by playing online ludo cash games.

The search for the best real money online Ludo game has often left ludo heads confused. However, Playerzpot has been able to offer the best of ludo money online games, where players can choose from different games and play with their own preferences. Moreover, with refer & earn program the user on Playerzpot receives an additional bonus and cash prize when their referrals play real cash Ludo games.

Moreover, with the pandemic forcing people to stay indoors at home, people found their lost love for the ludo and started their search for the best online ludo game. The game now had a breath of fresh air with a refined gaming experience, moreover, the popular version’s like Parchisi and Snakes Ladders & Ludo offered by Playerzpot kept the users only wanting more.

The ease of gaming from the comfort of their homes is what further fueled the rise of online ludo. Players now could connect with their friends and fellow players with a single click of an app with the help of the internet. Also, as the gaming app were seen as a more secure platform to play ludo cash games, the competitive scenario of online ludo gaming also shaped up really well.

Considering how well the cash ludo games were accepted by the users, platforms then started to offer lucrative cash prizes and cash games. This was just another incentive for the users to flock back to the ludo gaming apps. With secured payment channels, easy transfer of funds, and ease of gaming, ludo game download became more prevalent.

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Saif Khan
"Mujhe PlayerzPot ke baare mein dost ne bataya tha, after trying it myself I found it simple and user-friendly. I’ve always enjoyed playing games & mujhe uska fayda mila. Fantasy has pots of all sizes & information about players is available."
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FAQs About Ludo

Is Playing Online Ludo Safe?


Yes, it is absolutely safe to play ludo online multiplayer on the PlayerzPot App.

How to Play Ludo with Friends?


On PlayerzPot, Ludo is an online multiplayer game. You can ask your friends to install the PlayerzPot App. Once they have completed the registration, you can enjoy playing your favourite ludo game online.

How many Players can Play in the Ludo Game?


A total of 2 to 4 Players can play in a Ludo game.

How do you Play Ludo Online?


PlayerzPot allows you to play Ludo online whenever you want. You can choose from different pots and earn ludo real cash rewards.

Can 6 Players Play Ludo Online?


At a time 4 ludo players can play online. The players can pick tokens of their choice red, green, blue, or yellow, and roll the dice to start the game.

What are the Rules of Ludo?


Main ludo rules are - 4 Players with their designated colour of red, green, blue or yellow token need to roll the dice and move them across the board. The player who manages to collect all four of his/her tokens at the centre of the board (Home) is declared the winner.

Which Games on PlayerzPot gives Real Money?


PlayerzPot is an online gaming platform that consists of numerous games like ludo, rummy, and more. PlayerzPot app offers your real cash ludo game online.

What are the Types of Ludo on PlayerzPot?


Playerzpot has regular Ludo as well as the Pachisi variant of Ludo. Both types of ludo game app offer a chance to earn real money while playing.

What is Pachisi Ludo?


In Pachisi, the player will already have two of their four tokens released from the starting box. This means that the players will not have to roll six for these two tokens to be operational on the board.

What is the Difference Between Pachisi and Parchessi?


In Pachisi, two tokens of a player are out of the home starting box and the player only needs to take two tokens to the center of the board to win the game. Parcheesi is the same as regular Ludo, with the only difference being that there are two dice used in this variant instead of a single dice.

What is an Online Ludo Game?


In an online ludo game, you can play with your friends from anywhere around the world you need not be physically present to play. Simply a mobile device with a ludo app does the trick.

Why is Ludo a Game of Skill?


Ludo involves strategic thinking and planning of the game therefore it is a game of skill.

Why should you Play Ludo Games on PlayerzPot?


PlayerzPot offers the best-in-class ludo game experience for its users.

Benefits of Playing Ludo Games on PlayerzPot


There are good enough reasons for the players to play ludo games on PlayerzPot. Below mentioned are a few noteworthy ones.

  1. PlayerzPot is Safe and secure to play.
  2. You can win exciting cash rewards and prizes using the refer and earn program.
  3. Instant cash withdrawals and transfer of funds using a secured channel.
  4. Win daily cash prizes worth up to 50 Lakh and more.

How do I Start Playing Ludo?


You need to download and install the PlayerzPot app in order to play ludo games.

What if I require Extra Time to make my Move?


Each player is provided with 30 seconds to make their move; failing in doing so will result in missing their turn.

Where can I Download the Ludo App from?


You can download the Android and IOS apps from the official website. Also, IOS users can download the app through the Apple store.

Can I Earn Money by Playing Ludo?


Yes, you can earn real money by playing ludo online.

Can I Earn Money by Referring a Friend to Ludo?


Using the refer and earn program of PlayerzPot you can earn money and bonuses by playing ludo online.

Can you Eliminate your Opponent's Pieces in Ludo?


Yes, the players can eliminate the opponent’s pieces and send them back to their starting position.

Is PlayerzPot Ludo a Real Money Game?


Yes, PlayerzPot ludo game app is the best real money earning app.

Will I get a Refund for a Match I Leave in Between?


Quitting or leaving the app in between a match will be termed as a forfeit and no refund for the same will be provided.

Which Ludo Games can you play for free?


The PlayerzPot ludo app offers you free ludo games. By selecting the free pots options on the app you can play the ludo game for free. All you need to have is the PlayerzPot app installed and ready to go on your device.

Which is the best and safest app to play Ludo with real money India?


Playerzpot is the best and safest app where you can play your preferred ludo game in India with real money.

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