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Steps to Join Fantasy Esports Pot
  • Select Esports
  • Select Match you want to Play/Join
  • Create Squad/Team of 5 Players
  • Join Pot/Content of your choice

Choose Your Starting 5

  • You need to pick a total of 5 players in your team.
  • You must pick a minimum 1 player from each team.
  • There won't be any categories unlike other fantasy sports at playezpot.
  • After selecting 5 players you need to rank the selected players based on the multiples of 3x,2.5x,2x,1.5x,1x.
  • Where 3x being highest and 1x being lowest.
The total value of your initial squad must be less than or equal to 500 gems

Fantasy Points System

Players are awarded points based on their performance. The points system varies based on the format of the match.


In order to know how to play fantasy esports online and win real cash, you must be aware of the standard fantasy rules.
  • Points will be calculated after the match is completed.
  • Lineups won't be available for this mode.
  • We get data feed from reliable and trusted sources.
  • Once the match has been completed and winners are declared no further changes/adjustments will be made.


Q1. Is there a fantasy league for esports?

Ans: Yes, you can participate in fantasy esports league on Playerzpot and play your favourite esports game.

Q2. Where can I play fantasy esports?

Ans: Playerzpot is the one-stop destination for best fantasy esports games.

Q3. How to get started with your first fantasy esports match?

Ans: Go to the Playerzpot App, select fantasy esports, choose your game, select the best pick of players with a limited gem budget, and submit your team.

Q4. Is it legal to play fantasy esports in my state?

Ans: Fantasy games are banned in Assam, , Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Telangana, Sikkim and Nagaland. It is advised to adhere to the state law regarding online gaming.

Q5. Is there a fantasy esports welcome bonus?`

Ans: Yes, at Playerzpot you receive a sign up bonus which can be used to participate in cash games and pots.
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