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Steps to Join Fantasy Hockey Pot
  • 1.Select Sports - Fantasy Hockey
  • 2.Select match you want to play/join
  • 3.Create squad/team of 11 players
  • 4.Join pot/content of your choice

Choose Your Starting 11

To join the game on Playerzpot, select fantasy hockey squad of 11 players

Choose Player Combinations

Your team must qualify the following team Selection Criteria
You Can Select Maximum of 7 Players from a Single Team
You can select Minimum of 1 to Maximum 3 Forward.
You can select Minimum of 3 to Maximum 5 Midfielder.
You can select Minimum of 3 to Maximum 5 Defender.
You can only select 1 Goalkeeper.
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Get 2x the scored points
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Get 1.5x the scored points
Gems Allocated(1000)
The total value of your squad must be less than or equal to the
allocated gems value i.e.1000
But you have to manage your 11 players within the limits of given gems.


The total value of your initial squad must be less than or equal to 1000 gems.


You can create your squad of 11 players from both teams competing against each other.

Fantasy hockey is a great way to test your hockey knowledge and skills. But don't go in blind. Learn the tips and tricks of playing fantasy hockey first and then, give yourself the best chance of winning.

Fantasy Points System

Players are awarded points based on their performance. The points system varies based on the format of the match.





In order to know how to play fantasy hockey online and win real cash, you must be aware of the standard fantasy rules.
Data is provided by reliable sources and once the points have been marked as complete i.e. winners have been declared, no further adjustments will be made. Points awarded live in-game are subject to change as long as the status is 'In Progress' or 'In review'.

If the captain earns total points in decimal number then we select the upper value of the point. For EX: If the captain receives 13.5 points we consider it as 14 points.

If the Vice-Captain earns total points in decimal numbers then we select the upper value of the point. For EX: If Vice-Captain receives 13.5 points we consider it as 14 points.

A player who has not participated in the game as part of the starting 11 or as a substitute, will not be awarded negative points for receiving a yellow or red or green card for off-field activity. In case a player is transferred/reassigned to a different team between two scheduled updates, for any reason whatsoever, such transfer/reassignment (by whatever name called) shall not be reflected in the roster of players until the next scheduled update. It is clarified that during the intervening period of two scheduled updates, while such player will be available for selection in the team to which the player originally belongs, no points will be attributable to such player during the course of such contest.


If a player receives a green, yellow or red card, he will continue to be penalized for goals conceded by his team. i.e for the goals conceded after he leaves the field. A player can receive multiple cards in one game and will be penalized for all the cards that he has received.


Assists are awarded to the player from the goal-scoring team, who makes the final pass before a goal is scored. An assist is awarded whether the pass was intentional (that it actually creates the chance) or unintentional (that the player had to dribble the ball or an inadvertent touch or shot created the chance).

If an opposing player touches the ball after the final pass before a goal is scored, significantly altering the intended destination of the ball, then no assist is awarded.


  • Assist points awarded by Playerzpot are calculated using additional stats that may differ from other websites. For example, some other sites would or would not show an assist where a player has won a penalty.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, points awarded in-game are subject to change up until five hours after the final whistle of the last match of any given day. Once the points have all been updated on that day, no further adjustments to points will be made.


In case of time added in any tournament, all points will be awarded to the team like that in the regular match.


A winning bonus is given to the players who are in the actual winning team.


In the case of Tie, no winning bonus will be given to any team.


In case match enters into penalties then no points for the penalties scored, penalty saved are not given to any players. Also, no negative points are applied to the players. Any event during penalty shootouts will not be considered for awarding points.


Q1. How do you set up fantasy hockey?

Ans: By identifying the best 11 players from the two teams playing on the matchday. You can set up a good fantasy hockey team that will reward you with prize money and exciting rewards.

Q2. Are there any fees associated with joining fantasy hockey contests?

Ans: At Playerzpot, you have a range of pots, i.e. number of options to choose from. In cash games there is an entry fee that has a huge prize pool of cash money, while there are also free pots where players can practice.

Q3. How many players do you need for fantasy hockey?

Ans: In order to create your fantasy hockey team, you will need to pick the best XI players which includes goalkeeper, defender, midfielders, and attackers.

Q4. How can I sign up and create an account on a fantasy hockey platform?

Ans: You can easily create an account on Playerzpot fantasy hockey app by registering through your mobile number or email address.

Q5. What is the best way to play fantasy hockey?

Ans: The best way to play fantasy hockey games is to participate in cash-rich contests and games offered on Playerzpot fantasy hockey app. You can win rewards worth upto Rs. 50 lakhs by playing your favoruite hockey game here.

Q6. How many points is a goal in fantasy hockey?

Ans: Each goal scored by a goalkeeper or a defender adds 60 points, a goal scored by a midfield player adds 50 points to the total, while an attacking player scoring a goal will add 40 points to the team's tally.
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