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About Fantasy Esports

Esports are multiplayer online video games that are played by professional competitive players participating in tournaments or contests. Esports enables various gaming factions to send out their best talents who in turn grind it out in competing to claim the ultimate prize in winning the championship. This exponential rise in the popularity of Esports has fueled the ambition of gamers in search of a better future, with an infinite pool of gamers in India, the trajectory of the rise in esports is only going to surge in the near future.
Games like Valorant, Counter-Strike, Dota, League of Legends, etc have a well-established esports fan base with regular tournaments. Here gamers from all corners of the world give their absolute best in their bid to clinch the title. In India, BGMI and Pokemon Unite are the games that headline the esports segment. Like cricket and football, a huge online audience tune in to watch these esports tournaments live.
Fantasy sports is not a new phenomenon to the masses but fantasy esports is a relatively fresh idea to game. Just like the users select their top picks in the fantasy sports game, the same can now be done with fantasy esports, here you can create your very own fantasy esports team, picking the best player according to your skill and knowledge of the game.

What is Fantasy Esports?

Fantasy esports is an exciting strategy game where you can create your own team and win a real cash prize. You can choose the players from the extensive pool of gaming franchises playing in the real tournament. You will earn points based on the performance of the player during the event. Depending on the points you score, you will be eligible to win prizes or even real money.

How To Play Fantasy Esports?

To play fantasy esports you must first download the Playerzpot fantasy esports app. Create a team of the best esports players using the allotted 500 gems. You can join any paid contest from the different pots made available. Once the match begins, you and your fantasy team will be rewarded points based on the performance on that match day or an event.

Why Playerzpot is Best Fantasy Esports App?

At Playerzpot, you have a user-friendly experience, be it the choice of game or navigating through the app, everything is just seamless. The players do play in a safe and secure environment, where the transfer of funds and withdrawal of your winnings can be made instantly. With a user base of 1.5 Crore+ active users, Playerzpot is growing to become a one-stop gaming destination for esports fans.

How to Play Fantasy Esports?

Here you will have to pick the best players in your team out of the multiple players playing on the rosters of gaming franchises. You have to pick at least 1 player from each team, a maximum of 4 players picks is allowed to form your fantasy esports team. These players do have a value attached to them and will cost you gems to pick them in your team, a total of 500 gems points will be rewarded for every player looking to make their team.

Fantasy Esports Player Combinations

Your team must qualify the following team selection criteria
Scan QR code to Download PlayerzPot App
You can select 5 players from a single team.
Scan QR code to Download PlayerzPot App
Get 2x the scored points
Scan QR code to Download PlayerzPot App
Get 1.5x the scored points
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Gems Allocated (500)
The total value of your squad must be less than or equal to the allocated gems value i.e.500
Scan QR code to Download PlayerzPot App
You can select 5 players from a single team
Scan QR code to Download PlayerzPot App
Get 2x the scored points
Scan QR code to Download PlayerzPot App
Get 1.5x the scored points
Scan QR code to Download PlayerzPot App
Gems Allocated (500)
The total value of your squad must be less than or equal to the allocated gems value i.e.500

Best Tips & Strategy To Win Fantasy Esports Game

Playing your favourite fantasy esports games are truly fun and rewarding on Playerzpot. With a pool of esports enthusiasts joining up on a gaming platform to test their gaming knowledge, it is given that the competitive spirit will be on a high. That is why it is essential to keep a bag of tips and strategies in handy so that you stay ahead of the curve and at the same time win exciting rewards for your efforts.

Here are some of the best tips and tricks to win fantasy esports games
  • Get a good background check on the team from which you are going to select the players.
  • Take into account the recent performances of these players in the major tournaments.
  • Also analyze the team’s performance, win ratio, and player contribution.
  • Do not go for a star studded line-up as a balance fantasy esports team is likely to get you more points and thus the podium finish.
  • Make more than one team, a big tip for getting better results in online fantasy esports games is to have more than one option available at your disposal.
  • Last but not least, do not hastily spend the gem budgets on big names, remember you will be awarded points based on your picks so choose wisely.
  • Make sure you keep a data sheet handy, where you have top performers, MVP Players, Best Assist Players, and Breakthrough players from a recently concluded tournament.

Considerables & Avoidables

Points to Consider

  • Make sure the players you pick are part of the playing team, also note down player transfer that happens before the events.
  • Analyze and narrow down your top picks of players based on performance and statistics.
  • Choose the captain and the vice-captain with utmost care and thought as they are crucial player picks.
  • Tournament MVP players are highly sought after, look for them and then finalize your team.

Points to Avoid

  • Avoid picking players from a famous roster, look for recent runs of form.
  • Do not add random players to your fantasy esports team, research about the good players, find what suits your team well, and then proceed.
  • Avoid creating your teams at the last moment.
  • Don’t just play with an aim to win, seek out the best in you and enjoy the gaming experience.

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Reviews & Ratings

App Rating 4.7
1,83,342 ratings
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ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings
Saif Khan
Saif Khan
"Mujhe PlayerzPot ke baare mein dost ne bataya tha, after trying it myself I found it simple and user-friendly. I’ve always enjoyed playing games & mujhe uska fayda mila. Fantasy has pots of all sizes & information about players is available."
WON ₹15 Cr+
"I can never get enough of PlayerzPot, mai iss app ko lambe time se use kar raha aur hamesha maza ata hai. My sports knowledge comes in handy with Fantasy, rewards are awesome! Games bohot mazedaar aur good value hain."
WON ₹10 Cr+
Ranjesh Gupta
Ranjesh Gupta
"I found PlayerzPot by their TV ad, jab khelne laga toh bohot maza aaya! Seriously games easy hain aur mujhe fantasy sports mein bhi interest hai, availability of all sports data on app makes research smooth."
WON ₹3 Cr+

FAQs About Fantasy Esports

How Can I Play Fantasy Esports Games For Free?

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By downloading the Playerzpot App, you will be able to play fantasy esports games for free by participating in free pot games.

Are Fantasy Esports Game Safe To Play?

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Yes, Fantasy Esports Games are completely safe to play on Playerzpot App. Here you have a secured gaming environment that allows you to game at your maximum potential.

How Do I Make Money From Fantasy Esports Games?

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The fantasy esports games on Playerzpot offer you to participate in cash games where you will be up against real players who are also passionate esports followers. Make the most of your esports knowledge and skills in winning real money by defeating your opposition. Moreover, you can also earn extra using the refer and program on Playerzpot.

Are There Any Joining Fees To Play Fantasy Esports Games On PlayerzPot?

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You can join free pots or paid contests. In a paid contest, there is an entry fee but the winnings here are significantly higher than in the free games.

On Which Devices We Can Play PlayerzPot Fantasy Esports?

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The Playerzpot Fantasy esports app is available on Android and iOS devices.

What Are The Sign Up Bonus And Offers Available On PlayerzPot?

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Once registered with Playerzpot fantasy esports, the user will receive a joining bonus. There is also a refer and earn program that adds to the bonus value player gets on joining the app.

Which Is The Best Fantasy Esports Game App?

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Playerzpot is the best fantasy esports game app. The app provides esports enthusiasts with the right platform through which they can maximize their esports knowledge.

How To Create An Online Fantasy Esports Team On Playerzpot?

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Select the best players from the teams competing using the 500 gem points, select the best pot, choose the game you want to play, and submit your fantasy esports team in the contest.

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