Fantasy Volleyball is a strategy-based online game where you can create your own team of six players and win real cash rewards and prizes if your team wins. You can choose the players from both sides that are playing the match and assign one of your players as a captain of your Fantasy Volleyball Team. The more points you score, the higher your rewards and cash prize will be.

In order to play Fantasy Volleyball, you not just need to have a firm understanding of the game but a firm grip of tips and tricks that will help you win the game. Such tips might help you in long run and achieve exciting prizes and cash rewards

Here are some tips for Fantasy Volleyball

Consistency of Players: When you make your Fantasy Volleyball team of six players, make sure you track the players’ performance in the tournament. It’s advisable to include those players in your team that help you win more points and cash rewards. Oftentimes, users make a mistake by picking up the players based on their reputation rather than current. Therefore, it is advisable to include a mix of players into your Fantasy Volleyball team. If you do so, then you will have a better chance of defeating your opponents in Fantasy Volleyball.

Form a team having the least benched players: This is one of the most necessary things every Fantasy Volleyball user should follow, but most of them ignore this factor. People are lazy enough to keep track of the final line-ups of both teams before creating your Fantasy Volleyball team. It’s advisable not to pick up a set of players who have been benched throughout the season, instead pick up those players who have been part of the team regularly. Also, in case you have doubt over the players’ selection in the line-up, then avoid picking them initially.

Attackers are points machines: There are two hitters in the game of volleyball – the outside hitter and the opposite hitter. An outside hitter is a left-handed hitter and the team’s primary attacker, while an opposite hitter is a right-handed hitter and balances both offense and defense. Hitters play a very important role in the team as they are the ones who collect more points for the side. Hitters are a big asset for a team. In your Fantasy Volleyball team, hitters will give a massive boost in your points. Therefore, it is better to have hitters in your team so that you can gain more points as compared to your opponents.

Play the Practice Games: If you are not confident enough to play Fantasy Volleyball with cash, then play free games in order to hone your skills before playing cash contests. It will help you understand more about the game and also learn new strategies which might help you gain some confidence and defeat your opponents in a cash game. Also, when you play a free Fantasy Volleyball game, then you will be free from worries as it doesn’t involve cash. The free game will give you time to get adapted to Fantasy Volleyball and explore a new world of gaming. Therefore, it is advisable for beginners to play a free game before challenging your opponents in cash contests.

Keep an eye on players’ injuries: Oftentimes, users don’t keep an eye on the news regarding the player’s injuries. Before creating your Fantasy Volleyball team, make sure that you undergo players’ injury checks. If you pick a player who is ruled out of the match due to injury, then it could affect fantasy points. There can be cases when the top players in the tournament are sidelined from the match due to injury and therefore, one needs to be careful while picking up players for your Fantasy Volleyball. Injuries on offence and defence can have dramatic effects on your fantasy points.

Choose Captain and Vice-captain: Captain and Vice-captain will help you get extra points in Fantasy Volleyball. However, you need to pick your captain and vice-captain of your Fantasy Volleyball team carefully rather than picking randomly. Oftentimes, users pick a marquee player as their captain in a Fantasy team but that player might be struggling with form or is injured. Then, you won’t be able to earn extra points scored by that player. Instead, pick a player who is in red hot form and make him the captain of your Fantasy Volleyball team.