Hockey is one of the most popular sports after Cricket, Football and Kabaddi in India. With the rising popularity of the sport, Hockey has made its way into online gaming platforms. Many online gaming platforms have come up with Fantasy Hockey, where players can create their best playing 7 and defeat their opponents. To play Fantasy Hockey, you not only need a basic understanding of the game but also tips that can help you go a long way and win exciting cash prizes. Here are some tips that can help you become a pro in Fantasy Hockey.

Choose Your Players Wisely: One of the major factors to accumulate a massive chunk of points is to get the right pick of players for your team. Understand that players you choose can either contribute hugely to your tally or can turn out to be a total no-show. So, do the necessary research, get to know players’ recent form and statistics, how well the player plays under pressure and check the injury news as well. All of this will greatly help you in getting the best picks for players, another thing you can do is follow various guides and fantasy picks before the game.

Defenders Are Points Machines: Although the defenders do not collect a whole lot of points while defending, an assist or a goal scored by defenders gets you a massive boost in points. Moreover, the defenders are likely to assist a goal and can score themselves as well so you will be better off with extra defenders in your team. The goalkeeper and other defenders will also collect points while doing their defensive duties so it’s a win-win situation if you have more defenders in your team.

Captains and Vice-captains: One of the most important factors that can get you added points in fantasy hockey are captain and vice-captain. Most of the time players just randomly pick their marquee player as the captain but what if the player is struggling for form or is injured. You then not be able to accumulate the points scored by them. Instead what you can do is get a thorough idea of which player is in red hot form, even if he is just a newbie assign him the role as his performance will get you maximum points not the name of a particular player.

Stay Up To Date With Player’s News: In order to stay ahead of the curve and build a strong team, you will need to put in some work as it does not come easy. Follow the social media pages of the players and team association, here you will be able to know about their form and their injury update. Trust me you would not want to field an injured player as no points are awarded to him, so it’s better to be aware of the players of your choice and make necessary changes to your team in case of injury or suspension.

Throw Away Your Bias: Every hockey fan has their favourite teams and players but it is important to throw this bias out of the window while creating your fantasy hockey team. This is about selecting the best possible players in order to beat your competition. Even if you are not fond of your rival team and their players are in form, be smart in picking them in your team as at the end of the game you need points to win at fantasy hockey more than anything else.

Remember It’s Fantasy Hockey: There always seems to be confusion around real hockey and fantasy one. Players who are more invested in their favourite teams would not do a whole lot better in fantasy hockey. Do not get caught up in hearing praises about a player and adding him to your squad, most of the time it’s the player’s own favourite team and you are not aware of players’ form and performances recently. You have to understand which of the players will get you points as fantasy hockey is more about statistics. So, understand the difference here and create your team accordingly.