Fantasy Kabaddi is one of the growing popularity among fantasy gaming in India. In recent years, many users on several fantasy gaming platforms, including PlayerzPot, have been creating their own fantasy kabaddi teams in order to win points and exciting cash rewards. Kabaddi is one of the most followed sports in India ever since the inception of the Indian Kabaddi League in 2014.

Kabaddi is one of the most ancient and popular sports in India. The game of Kabaddi was given national status in 1918. In the same year, rules and regulations for Kabaddi were formulated. Maharashtra was given credit for bringing up Kabaddi at a national level. In 1923, the first-ever national Kabaddi tournament was organized in Baroda, wherein the players strictly followed the rules and regulations promulgated for the game. In 1936, Kabaddi was one of the demonstration sports at the Berlin Olympics. 

In 1990, Kabaddi officially became one of the medal sports at the Asian Games after two demonstration events in 1951 and 1982. However, Kabaddi received national recognition after the men’s and women’s teams won the Gold medal at the 2014 Asian Games. That year, Kabaddi was further popularized after the Indian Kabaddi League was launched. Indian Kabaddi League is one of the top sporting leagues in India. 

After the Indian Kabaddi League became popular due to its rise in viewership and fans, fantasy gaming platforms, including PlayerzPot, have begun to cater the experience to the users of creating their own Fantasy Kabaddi Team. While creating your Kabaddi team on fantasy gaming platforms like PlayerzPot, you need a bit of knowledge and understanding of the sport to help you get the most out of your team. 

How To Make A Perfect Fantasy Kabaddi Team on PlayerzPot? 

While creating your Kabaddi Team on PlayerzPot, you need to use your brain when you pick up the players of your choice in the team. On PlayerzPot, you can select a maximum of three raiders, two all-rounders, and four defenders. While you pick 7 players in your team, you must ensure that those players give you points with which you can win cash rewards. Cash rewards will depend on the pot you have chosen to make your Kabaddi Team. You can win extra or bonus points if you choose the top two players as captain (x2) and vice-captain (x1.5) of the team. 

Selection of Raiders: 

When you make a team of 7 players, each player must contribute significantly to the overall structure of the team as they would help you in winning the maximum number of points. Raiders are the core members of the team as they are the ones who score the most points than others in the playing 7. You need to pick up those 2 to 3 raiders from both the teams in your Fantasy Kabaddi Team whom you think can fetch you enough attacking points. Before you select a raider, make sure you do a background check of his form as it would give you a notion of how a player is going to perform. Make sure you select one of your raiders as captain or vice-captain. 

Selection of Defenders: 

Defenders are the backbone of the team. The main objective of a defender is to protect the court so that no raider can win a single point. A defender in the team is usually sturdy and agile and should be able to hold on to his teammates. Defenders have the ability to pick up crucial points if the Raiders fail to do so. You must pick at least two or a maximum of four defenders in your Fantasy Kabaddi Team. The option of picking up more or fewer defenders in your team will depend on the strength or attacking line-up of both teams. If the attacking line-up is strong then pick up fewer defenders (two), if the line-up is fragile then select three to four defenders which will help you earn more points. Select at least one defender who has a good attacking record. 

Selection of All-Rounders: 

An All-Rounder plays a vital role in the attack as well as in the defense. Having an all-rounder in the team is always an advantage as it would help earn more points. He is the most active player on the mat. At one moment has to do raiding for the team by strategizing a plan to win a raid point and in the next moment, he has to position himself in the defense in order to tackle the opponent team’s raider. In your Fantasy Kabaddi Team, you need to select a minimum of two or a maximum of four all-rounders. The selection of more or less all-rounders in your team will depend on the main players of both teams. Pick up the all-rounders based on their performances in previous matches. If you select an all-rounder who has a good attacking record, it will help fetch or win more points. 

Selection of Captain and Vice-captain 

The captain and Vice-captain play a very important role in the Fantasy Kabaddi team. Their performances are crucial for the overall impact on Fantasy Kabaddi points. If they perform, it won’t just benefit your team but also significantly contribute to your points in Fantasy Kabaddi. Optimal selection of players for captain and vice-captain roles involves considering recent form, past performances, and their roles in previous matches. Raiders are an ideal pick for captaincy as they earn maximum points by attacking the opponents. Raiders are always the key players in the Fantasy Kabaddi team. All-rounders are a good choice for vice-captaincy as they earn defending and raiding points. All-rounders provide additional points compared to raiders and defenders. Always keep captain and vice-captain for your Fantasy Team.

Why Play Fantasy Kabaddi On PlayerzPot? 

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