As the Jakarta-Palembang Asiad 2018 wrap up with a glittering end, let us take a look at some sports events that made their debut this year. These native sports of Asia exhibit its cultural diversity and heritage of the participating countries.

Contract Bridge

A trick-taking card game which uses a standard 52-card deck is very popular one in Indonesia. Interestingly, Indian pair comprising of Pranab Bardhan and Shibhnath Sarkar scored 384 points to attain the Gold.

Jet Skiing

This sport made its first appearance at the Asian Beach Games, Bali in 2008 Indonesia. Jet Ski is the brand name of the PWC(Personal Water Craft) manufactured by Kawasaki, which is mainly used for recreation.


Mainly an adventure ride for the flight enthusiasts, it takes skill to control the flight of the parachute and master the art of aerodynamics. Cross-country and aerobatics paragliding is introduced in the Asian games this year.

Pencak Silat

This traditional martial art of Indonesia is introduced to Asiad this year by the host country as they are entitled to add three sports to display their culture. Legend says it was originated after the fighting technique observed from a Tiger and a Hawk.


Jujutsu ofter referred to as chess of the martial arts mainly depends upon the tactics and strategy. Originated from Japan, it mainly consists of grappling, holds and trapping and winners are decided by whoever gives up first by submission.


Samozashchita Bez Oruzhiya (self-defense), another martial art form originally from Russia is very similar to wrestling and judo was used in Soviet Red army to improve hand to hand combat abilities. It includes many self-defense techniques and leg locks and chokeholds will disqualify the fighter.

Rock Climbing

According to the Federation of sports climbing more than 140 countries have climbing walls with 35 Million climbers all around the world. This sport will be introduced in the Tokyo Olympics. Three disciplines of climbing including lead climbing, bouldering, and speed climbing are introduced at this Asiad.


Rollersport is the human-powered vehicle which uses various pushing techniques to gain momentum and is highly popular among the millennials. This also will be introduced in the 2020 Olympics.


Kurash is one of the oldest martial art of the world, originated from Uzbekistan has the basic movement of slamming each other by hooking to the special outfit. It highly resembles judo and wrestling.

3*3 basketball

This is the smaller version of the regular basketball which comprises of three active players and court which is half size of the regular one with one basket. This game is played under the normal FIBA rules, but some rules revised for its mini team format.