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How to Play Multiplayer Ludo

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How to Play Multiplayer Ludo Game at Playerzpot

Playerzpot has been a one-stop gaming destination for a majority of online gamers to play Ludo. With an immersive gaming experience backed by a lucrative reward system, Playerzpot has been successful in providing the best online ludo gaming experience to its users. Speaking of online Ludo, the game has found a new avenue through which more and more gaming enthusiasts are now looking to make the most of their gaming talent.

With the popularity of online Ludo reaching new heights, the players are on the lookout for a reliable gaming platform like Playerzpot. Multiplayer Ludo games are most sought after as the thrill of four players battling out for the ultimate prize is next to none. In this blog, we will dive in deep with a step-by-step process on how to join the multiplayer online Ludo game on Playerzpot so that you can embark on your awesome journey.

In order to join multiplayer ludo games at Playerzpot, you need to have the app installed on your device. Considering that you have the app handy, you will have to complete the registration process and create your own unique account. Through this account, you will be able to participate in cash games and contests and also cash out on the winnings that you have earned while playing the ludo game. One can easily log into the app using the registered mobile number and password.
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Now that you have logged into the Playerzpot gaming app, the next thing you will need to do is to navigate yourself onto the Ludo game section. For that select the bottom-most tab named games. Here you will have an option to choose from multiple skill-based games, here you have to click on ludo. Next, you will be able to select from a wide range of games, or pots as we call it on the Playerzpot app.

The Playerzpot app has a wide range of multi-player games already laid out for the players to enjoy. One has to understand that each multiplayer game has its own distinct entry fee and winning prize. So depending on the player’s quality and skill level, they can choose a game that suits their preferences along with game style. With the option to join free pot games as well as cash-rich tournaments, the multiplayer ludo games are just the right recipe for Ludo gamers to have their best time.

A game without rules and structure is no game at all, here are some important rules that players will have to abide by while playing on Playerzpot:
  • Each player will have to move their 4 designated tokens across the board to the finish line, the player who manages to get all 4 of the tokens in the finish home is the winner.
  • The player will have to move the token based on the number that is face up on the dice after the roll, players can choose to skip the turn only twice.
  • Opposition pieces can be captured and sent back to the starting point with an exact roll of dice on that particular square.
  • Two consecutive rolls of six on the dice are permitted, a third one results in passing the turn to your opposition.
  • For every roll of six on the dice and capture of the opponent’s token, the player are awarded a bonus turn.

With the rules in place, let us now understand and get an understanding of how to approach the game for the best possible outcome.
  • Always prepare to engage the opponent’s token. Do not shy away from collisions as the Ludo game allows you to strike.
  • Get a good grasp of the opponent’s plans and accordingly set traps and potential hit points where you can hurt them.
  • Ensure that you do not waste the roll of six on the dice and get the best possible outcome from the opportunity.
  • Get your tokens in close proximity to each other so that you can counter any moves thrown at you by the opposition.

The endgame scenario is where the game gets you on the edge of the seat. It is in these moments, that the moves you make will decide your fate and the end result. So here’s how the endgame comes into being.
  • Here you and your opposition possibly will have a few tokens left and those are close to the finish line.
  • You will need an exact count of the number on the dice to complete the last mile. For eg a player needing 3 square moves gets a 5 on the roll of the dice, this is not a playable move.
  • There will be a time when players will get a forsaken 1 on the dice and they will have to move it.
  • There is nothing more dreadful than needing just one for your final token to take home and this is a peak endgame scenario where the roll on the dice decides your fate.

On the bright side of winning the Ludo game online, there are lucrative rewards and winnings that await you. Moreover, with the refer and earn program on Playerzpot, one can further add to their winnings, whenever their referrals play on Playerzpot, they receive bonus rewards and cash prizes. For the 50 lakhs winnings on Playerzpot Ludo, there are 1.5 crore+ active users who are plying their trade to get the major chunk of the prize pool. Make sure you get your Ludo mojo back in time and ignite your winning streak.

For those, who still are not sure about to start their Ludo journey with a fear of not knowing enough, here are some cool winning tips that will help you get a headstart in the game:
  • Play it safe using the star-marked safe spots, this move will see you not lose your tokens unnecessarily.
  • Be smart with the use of 6 on the dice, and always go for capture over random movements across the board, less competition on board equals to easy passage to the finish line.
  • Set traps for the opponents, particularly leaving a token on the safe spot near the launch squares, this will create doubt in the opponent’s mind.
  • Improvise as you will be thrown a curve ball anytime in the middle of the game, expect the unexpected and you will be better prepared for the game.

Online Ludo is certainly a different experience when compared to the traditional game. However, when it comes to ease of gaming, making the most of your skills and earnings, the online Ludo on Playerzpot is leagues ahead. With a trusted user base, the platform has been successful in identifying the needs and preferences of gamers. This has made Playerzpot, the best online Ludo gaming app, if you are looking to try your hand at online Ludo, the Playerzpot app is just the right place for you.

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