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Types of Ludo Players

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Types of Ludo Players

Ludo is a game of joy, fulfillment, and friendship. Never in a game of Ludo will you be bored or feel out of place, it sort of completes the moment. The game allows you to break free and connect with your dear ones, friends, and families albeit for a short period of time but it is absolutely worth it. No wonder the board game is so popular and now with its rise in online gaming as well, the game will only scale further heights.

One thing is for sure, all the players who join the game of ludo are certainly made of different souls and soil. You can see a different style that is unique, with different characters plying their trade in the game, it is natural that a wide range of play styles do emerge, such is the nature of the game. This also has a lot to do with an individual personality as it defines a player’s ludo style. So let us take a look at some of the types of ludo players, and try to identify which one are you.
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Here are the most common types of ludo players:

1.The Competitive Champions of Ludo

This type of player is focused, up for the game, with only a win in their sights. Often you must have seen that a champion player is proactive, makes the early hustle, tries to make the plays, and often plots the moves. Ludo is serious business for such players and a loss will make them lose their cool, often at times, whenever their tokens are captured they can be seen visibly displeased, and in a role reversal if they do win a game or gain an edge, it is as if they have won the world championship. A champion player does not play the game of ludo for fun but for the ultimate prize and victory.

2.Social Gamer

Perhaps, most of us do fall into this category. For such gamers, the game of online Ludo is a perfect escape from day-to-day hassle. Here the onus or the aim is not to win the game of ludo but to have a cherished and memorable time, have a laugh, pull a leg, and get some stories going on during the game, that is the motto here. Social gamers are easy to find as during the festivities or a family function they are the ones who lay out the plan to play a good game of Ludo just for the fun of it.

3.The Lucky Roller Ludo Player

Now these are a rare bunch of players, although they might not be competitive but they do like to get the win once in a while. These players often rely on a good roll of the dice to dictate their behavior for the entire game, if the roll is good and in their favour, the game is far but if things do not go their way, the game is then said to be rigged. You will easily identify a lucky roller, as they have a superstitious game style. There are ones who count the number of squares to take out the opponent and then roll a dice, while some will put the number of rolls face up and spin the dice in hopes of achieving that number.

4.The Strategist Ludo Player

The strategist likes to play the game for the win, these sorts of players do not make quick or hasty moves that can bite them in the long run. After a careful celebration, calculations, and simulation of the game in their mind they make their move. You will see that these players do count the numbers on the ludo board multiple times, you can say that they have an uncommon way of going about their ludo business. Needless to say, a strategist is always on a sweet end of the stick be it the end result or the end game scenario.

5.The Risk Taker

A risk taker is a type of ludo player who does not care about the outcome of the game. Their main objective is to take risks, whether or not they will result in a positive outcome is none of their concern. These are the sort of players that will race their tokens despite seeing a visible trap laid out by the opposition, they will also move their tokens without a second thought just based on their hunch. If there is an advantage to be gained by a risky play, you bet this type of player will make that play as they cannot resist that feeling.

6.The Casual Player

These lots are the best ones out there, no stress, no chaos, no hustle, just pure fun. The casual player does not join the game thinking they will win it, needless to say, if they do get the win they are on the seventh sky, but a loss does not dampen their spirit, the casual player likes to make the environment a happening one, where the spirits are high and their energy lifts the whole mood. Not everyone is a casual player but one can definitely try to be one.

It does not matter the type of ludo player you choose to become as all of the above-mentioned types of players make the game what it is. There is no game of Ludo without competition, strategy, fun, casual approach, and risk. Perhaps if one aspires to be the best player ever then certainly a touch of flavour from all the above-mentioned types will fare them well. You know what, I will try this myself and see what it brings out. By the way, where did you find yourself on this list, let us know in the comments below.

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