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PlayerzPot - Fantasy Sports for cricket and football sports games
How To Play


To join the game select fantasy cricket squad of 9 players, consisting of :

Minimum 2 to Maximum 3 Raider.

Minimum 2 to Maximum 3 All-Rounder.

Minimum 3 to Maximum 5 Defender.

Maximum 5 players from a single team can be selected.

You have to select a Star Player, Captain, Z-factor. All has to be a different players.

But you have to manage your 9 players squad within the limits of given gems.


The total value of your initial squad must be less than or equal to 1000 gems.


You can create your squad of 9 players from both teams competing against each other.


Scoring Type Description
Scoring Type Points  
Touch Point 2 For each player touched
Bonus Point 1 For crossing bonus line every time
Per Super raid 2 Super raid +bonus+ touch point per player
Scoring Type Points  
For ever Tackle 4  
Per Super Tackle 6  
Scoring Type Points  
For every Green Card -2  
For every Yellow Card -3  
For every Red Card -4  
Winning Bonus 2 In case of tie now one gets any of the points or more
Perfect 10 2 Every player who scores minimum 10 points
Fantastic 15 6 Every player who scores minimum 15 points or more
Terrific 20 8 Every player who scores minimum 20 points or more

* If captain or z factor earns total points in decimal number then we select the upper value of the point. For EX: If captain receives 13.5 points we consider it as 14 point.

* For being a part of playing VII ,player will receive 4 points and Substitute in actual match player will get 2 Points.

* Players selected as Z-Factor will get x0.5 (half) of the points he receives throughout the match.

* The player who you select as a Star player will receive x2 the points and Captain will receive x1.5 the points of his performance.

* In case a player receives Green Card and then the Yellow card or Red card so in this case points will be deducted for all the received cards.

* Winning bonus is given to the players of the winning teams. Incase of Tie no bonus points are given to any player from either of the teams.

* Points for Perfect 10 , Fantastic 15 & Terrific 20 are given to a player when his sum of all Attacking points and Defending points is 10 Points or more,15 Points or more & 20 Points or more respectively.Only points for either of the scenario will be given to a player. No bonus points would be considered in this tally.