Playing games online can be the best way to pass your leisure time. Sometimes you can play exciting strategy games with your family and friends to spend quality time together even when you are otherwise busy. Play as many strategy games in 2023 with family and friends, and that too no matter where you are and how far away you are from each other, as these games are also available online. 

You can play chess, games like Ludo, carrom, and other card games that require strategy and are very interesting to play.


We have always liked playing games, no matter which generation we belong to, and playing games has always been the best way to pass our leisurely time. 

In recent years, video and online games have become very popular, and people from the newer generation spend a maximum of time playing such games. 

Some games can be only played as video games and are required strategic planning, like COD, PUBG, and more, but there are also strategic games that used to be popular offline games but now have also become popular online games. 

Card games were so popular with their rules and regulations and strategies and pointers to win the games, but now you can play these same card games online and experience the same amount of excitement. 

Games like Rummy, Ludo, and carrom need planning and execution of the moves that can make you win the game. Never make hasty decisions in these games. Remember to take every step carefully. 

Strategic games are the most interesting because of their plot twists, as no one can predict who will win the game. The player who plays all their cards right is the winner, but a player can change a losing game into a victorious one with on-point strategy planning.

The Best 10 Strategy Games You Must Play in 2023

  • Chess

It is one of the most strategic games ever played in human history. You can play online chess games wherever you want. Just choose a download chess game option, and you are all set. In this game, you must keep your king safe and have enough pawns and other pieces to defend Him and attack your opponent’s king. Make brave yet well-thought-out steps while playing this game.

  • Carrom

While playing carrom, your primary target needs to be able to put the red piece in your hoop and then secure it with another of your token, and you will also have to make sure that you do not get fouls while using your striker as fouls are a massive set back in this game.

  • Ludo

Ludo is a strategy-based game, but it also needs a bit of luck to be in your favor to win the game. Your solo mission while playing ludo game is to keep your pieces safe. But at the same time, attack the opponent’s tokens.

  • Snakes, Ladders & Ludo

Utilize enough strategies while playing this game. Thus, the essential strategy to win snakes ladders & ludo games is to have enough good luck. It entirely depends on the numbers you get while rolling your dice and not making a mistake while playing your pieces on the board.

  • Poker 

It is one of the most challenging strategy games to play. You will have to make sure you have a good hand, or you should at least know how to pretend as if you have a good hand to make your opponent lose confidence. Know when to fold because early folding, at times, help you win the game.

  • Rummy

In this game, try to make a sequence as fast as possible while collecting as many jokers as possible, as they will help you form the sequences. Know the sequences you can create, and always use the cards you already have. Moreover, try not to change a sequence completely, and have patience.

  • Call Break

This game heavily depends on the correct number of bids you can call. Analyze your cards well and only then bid for them. It is okay to bid lower than the expected number of wins but don’t bid more because you never know what will happen. Try to bid on the highest-ranking cards only, as the success rate of those is the highest.

  • AntMan 

It is also a strategy-based game. If you have an excellent strategy, already prepared, you can smoothly become an ace in the game.

  • Ball Crush

This game is a part of the puzzle game genre, where you can match balls all across the board and score points. Your strategy to win this game is to match as many balls as possible to score the highest point.

  • Quiz

The best strategy to play a quiz game is to gain knowledge and then sit for the quiz or play a quiz based on a topic you have enough knowledge on, and that is how you are already an ace.


Hence, in this conclusion, we can refer to the fact that heavily strategy-based games are well-known. Moreover, their popularity does not depend on any specific age range or gender ideology. 

These games are enjoyed by all, no matter what. For example, if you want to play online chess games, you must go through the chess game download process. 

You can practice a lot until you have aced the online chess game. It is easier to play chess, ludo, carrom, rummy and poker game online because it is easily accessible. Moreover, you can avoid carrying the gaming items with you or work hard in choosing a place to play the game alone without interruption, as finding another player to play with you can be a hassle. 

But when it comes to online card & board games, you don’t have to worry about these things and can enjoy the game and create your strategies without any disturbance. The other strategy games are similar as they are not easy, and the situation can get tricky depending on the opponents.

So, you do not have any other option than playing them and forming your strategies to become an ace and win the games.