Chess is one of the oldest strategy games played between two players. With advancement in technology and the global COVID pandemic, online chess has risen to popularity. The best part about online chess game is that it can be played against a computer or a friend or a random person. That said, online chess game comes with a few tweaks to the conventional board game to make it more engaging and suitable for millennials.

Also known as Blitz and Speed Chess, online chess is a fast-paced version of the traditional board game of chess. In this post, we share a few tips and strategies that will help you play chess online and win the game like a pro. 

5 best tips to play chess online

With the right habits and attitude toward the game, you can always get better. To play chess game you need to learn the rules, practice the game often, review your play and have unique strategies in place to defeat your opponent.

1. Understand the rules

Regardless of whether you know the rules or you think you know the rules of the game, it’s always a good idea to know a few special rules of the game. Learn a few basic piece movements and special rules of chess by going through tutorials online.

2. Learn from your games

To win the game, you must review all your games. Each game will show you the mistakes you have made and also the opportunities you have missed. So, to improve your game, it is important to play more games as well as review them.

3. Use chess puzzles

Chess puzzles are like small challenges waiting to be solved. The puzzles are similar to real game situations where you have a chance to win. It’s like playing chess but moving ahead to the good part where you are already winning.

4. Learn basic end-games

Most chess games have several moves and even after many pieces have been traded away it does not end quickly. It will often leave just the Kings and a few pieces and pawns. This is known as the end-game where the aim is to promote one of your pawns to a queen. If you learn to navigate the endgame, you will be in a better position to win most of your games.

5. Review your moves

The key to winning the game of chess is to avoid making bad moves. Most people lose their game by making blunders. So, before you move any of your pieces, make sure to double-check it and keep your King safe. Also, ensure you are not giving away any of your pieces for free. 

5 strategies to help you win the game of chess

In addition to the rules, you must have a few strategies in place that will help you defeat your opponent and win the game. You can go through a few tutorials available online or play as many games to get the hang of it. That said, here are five strategies that you must include in your game plan to succeed.

1. Open with a pawn

Always start with your pawn in front of the king or queen and move it two squares forward. Remember, this move is possible only in the beginning. Doing this, you can open pathways for your bishops and queen to play better. As the queen and bishops move at an angle, they can’t attack well if the pawns block their way.

2. Bring out your bishops and knights!

It is always a good idea to move your bishops and knights to the middle of the board first and later move the rooks, queen or king. The aim is to bring these pieces ahead of the pawns to make it easier for the attack and help you stay ahead of your opponent.

3. Castle at the earliest

With castling, you can protect your king and instead bring the rook into the action. To initiate castling, make sure all the squares between the king and the rook are free and no other pieces are occupying them. Shift the king towards the rook by two squares and the rook to the other side of the king. If your opponent does not opt for castling, you stand a better chance to attack his/her king. The best thing about “Castling” is that it allows you to move more than one piece in a turn.

4. Attack during middlegame

The middlegame is when you have brought all your knights and bishops into the game and castled. During this phase of the game, make sure to look out for ways to knock out your opponent’s pieces. Attack and capture all the pieces that your opponent doesn’t protect. However, while attacking your opponent’s make sure to take care of your own pieces. We recommend you look for ways to move most of your pieces in a way that makes it easier for you to attack your opponent’s king.

5. Lose your pieces wisely

When you play chess online there’s no denying that you will capture a few of your enemy’s pieces and in turn lose a few of your pieces. So, to win the game, you must find out which move is good and which is not. Some of the below-mentioned points will help you figure a winning strategy for your game.

  •       Is it a good idea to lose your bishop to save your pawn? No! Don’t even think of it.
  •       Avoid playing very quickly.
  •       If your opponent plays a good move, take time to think. Patience is the key to win online chess game.
  •       Master the endgame.


When you play chess online, you have a lot of time at hand to plan your moves. You can use books and game databases to research the opening moves so that you can win the game easily. Additionally, you can use these above-mentioned tips and strategies to improve your game and defeat the opponent. Chess is a strategic game and offers several benefits. So, go ahead and download your favourite game on your smartphone or desktop and start playing it today!

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