Carrom has been a popular indoor game in India for years. The game requires skills and strategies. Online carrom games are more accessible due to the ease of playing. It is popular even for the perks associated with it. Winning is not difficult if you know the tricks. You can easily play Carrom on your smart device without any physical equipment. Both adults and children can experience the fun of board games online. 

Top 5 Most Difficult Trick Shots

Carrom shots are helpful in the pool. They are fascinating if you can use them at the right time in the apt condition. In a shot, the object ball ricochets into another to pocket that ball. Almost like combination shots, there are some norms that you can run through to decide your game plan!

  • Carrom Horse Collar Shot

The horse collar shot is considered the most difficult in Carrom. Even top players struggle to execute this shot.

The shot is played by each player hurling all eight weights in succession. The objective of the game is to achieve 51 points before your opponents. One weight must be entirely in the hanger or three zones to score a point each round. If not, you score no points. A “hanger” values 13 points in a horse collar.

  • Carrom Double Bank Shot

Another shot that even pro players find hard to execute is the double bank shot. 

The shot involves hitting the cue ball off-center with an intermediate stroke. 

You bank the object token off the rail into another while deflecting those and moving to the pocket.

  • Carrom Triple Bank Shot

This shot is challenging but beneficial when pockets are blocked. Or in conditions where you can only discover a piece of your object ball and want to use the cue ball to swipe another ball. 

The shots are not necessarily frequent in most matches, but you can gradually try them to improve your game.

  • Carrom Jump Shot

Jump shots require a lot of skills and practice. You can perform it with various jump cues.

Here the striker hits one of the Carrom men, which then goes in the reverse direction and jumps. Finally, hit the coin near the pocket. 

Use this shot when you have the Queen dangerously standing near the pocket. It will be a definite pocket, thus, earning you points and winning chances.

  • Carrom Reverse Bank Shot 

A shot taken roughly 180 degrees opposite to the shot prior is known as a reverse angle shot. They are common in dialogue scenes and are crucial for shot-reverse shot cycles. Reverse-angle shots give viewers several viewpoints of the same scene.

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Perks of Playing Digital!

The traditional carrom board game has modified itself with the digital shift. Now it can break all barriers of the physical unavailability of partners along with geographical boundaries. The best part about the game is you get a healthy distraction from loneliness and boredom.

Another advantage of going digital is it does not require a time commitment from the players. Online Carrom is flexible. It helps you to play the game from anywhere at any time. The exciting part is you enjoy perks like never before. Nothing in life is without risk! So be careful while playing and know the hacks to beat your opponent smoothly. 

Unlike traditional board games in digital carrom, you need not spend long hours as it is fast-paced. The game provokes quick thinking ability in you. The online carrom on an electronic medium is one of the most popular board games you can ever try; it asks the players to be quick and sharp and helps to improve analytical ability, sharpens the mind, enhances concentration, and helps make better predictions.

How to Aim a Carom Shot?

  1. Use the 30-degree or 90-degree rules to determine if the shot is marketable.
  2. Aim your first object token into the contact point at a 90-degree angle.
  3. Maintaining the correct distance is crucial. 

Play Carrom Online and Earn Real Cash

Winning real cash from the Carrom game is super easy you only need to carrom game download. Try to score the winning points before your opponents and get the pool money in your wallet. Redeem it anytime you wish.

Do you know how to play Carrom? Let me tell you that the strike-and-pocket game needs direction-specific hitting proficiency. Try the following tips and win a real cash prize.

  • Play With the Right Attitude:

Maintain a positive attitude throughout the game. But remember, online gaming should not affect your daily life. Just relax and have fun.

  • Employ Different Striking Styles: 

Try using your thumb, middle finger, index finger, thumbs hot, and upright long fingerstyle.

  • Maintain Accurate Speed: 

Maintain proper speed for potting the carrom men. The coins should not reach the pocket if you fail to insert enough force and speed.

  • Strike in the Right Direction: 

Accuracy in direction is essential for potting. Practice cutting angles and maintain a good position for the board, pockets, blocking the target coin, and baselines of the boundaries.

  • Put Yourself in a Comfortable Position: 

The gap between you and the carrom board is essential for a strike. Balancing takes precedence. 

  • Give Due Significance to the Queen:

The Queen yields more points than regular coins and gives more importance to it.

  • Power of Magic Powder:

Do you want your coins to move smoothly? Use this magic powder, and you will see your coins gliding through the board as if ice-skating on it.

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The Bottom Line

Carrom has always been so demanding. In the digital era, online carrom refreshes childhood memories by offering a similar traditional experience of online carrom games with some added benefits. The above-mentioned difficult shots in carrom that even pros cannot handle.

Practice with perseverance helps to improve one’s carrom game. It is time to revitalize your memory of the traditional Carrom board play by substituting it with online mode.