Before technology and digitization, most people played board games or a game of cards to kill their boredom and bond with family. One such game that was played in most households by people of all age groups is carrom. Today, with advanced technology you can play carrom board game online at your convenience. All you need to do is simply download the app or login to trustworthy gaming platforms. Also, you can win cash prizes. All these reasons make playing online fun and rewarding.

Why Play Online Carrom On PlayerzPot?

PlayerzPot is a popular gaming platform and offers you several benefits. Here are a few benefits.

1. It is safe and secure 

Being SSL secured you can be assured that your payments are done securely.

2. Earn rewards and VIP services

You can win cash prizes and even earn on referrals. Additionally, Playerzpot has a dedicated customer support to handle all your queries.

3. Fastest withdrawals 

Payouts are made 24/7 and include an instant withdrawal process.

4. Responsible gaming platform 

PlayerzPot is committed to Fair Play policy and has the best anti-fraud detection system. So, you can rely on PlayerzPot and play your game. 

How To Play Online Carrom On PlayerzPot? 

With PlayerzPot, you can play all your childhood favourite games online. One of them is carrom. You can simply download the PlayerzPot app from its official website. It is available for both Android as well as iOS devices and can be downloaded easily. Follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  •       To proceed further you need to register using your mobile number.
  •       Next, you will receive a download link that you need to click and download the app.
  •       Click on games and you will see all the available options.
  •       Select ‘Carrom’ and download the additional file.
  •       Next, enter into a match-up against real players.
  •       You can win cash prizes from the available pots.
  •       Choose a pot based on your preferences and liking.
  •       You’re set to play carrom board game online.

7 Tips To Win In Online Carrom

The best part about playing online games is that you get to play with random players and even experienced players from across the globe. Additionally, it is a perfect distraction from your monotonous life, loneliness, and boredom. If you want to win the carrom board game online, you need to follow a few carrom tips and tricks. These tips will help you upgrade your carrom skills and defeat your opponent. 

1. Know the carrom rules

As a thumb rule, you should be aware of the rules of the carrom game before you start playing. Also, you have to familiarize yourself with the board. You need to understand about the lines that can result in a foul, the circles, and the rectangles drawn at each side for you to strike from. You can watch a few games to familiarize yourself or even go through tutorials to get yourself acquainted with the game.

2. Know the value of the coins

Try to know more about the coins used in the game of carrom before you decide to play it online. Once you know the value of the coins, you can come up with a plan or strategies to help you win the game. While the black coins help you score 10 points, the white coins help you score 20. At 50 points, the Queen holds the highest value and can help you win the game.

3. Best way of striking

While striking is slightly different in carrom board game online, it still holds a lot of significance. So, make sure to strike perfectly using the correct angles and right amount of force to pocket the coins. The best part about playing carrom online is that you won’t end up hurting your fingers like in the traditional board game.

4. Breaking

In carrom, first, you stack all the coins together. To start the game, a player has to break this stack of coins and if the player pockets a coin while breaking, he/she gets to play again. That said, it is important to spread the coins properly on the board and ensure they are not stacked at one side of the board.

5. Know the fouls

To win the game you must know about all the fouls and how you can avoid them. Do note, never pocket the last coin (stoker) before you pocket the queen. This will leave you with no cover and result in a foul. Another major foul in carrom is to hit coins that touch the striker lines or diagonal lines. Lastly, placing the striker under the striker line is also a foul.

6. Use trick shots

One of the important carrom tips and tricks is to play your trick shots. In fact, they are best played in an online game as there are multiple trick shots that can help you score better. Trick shots help you pocket more coins, hit a tough shot in style, confuse your opponents or even help your team members.

7. Block your opponent’s coins

If you want to always win your game, make sure to block your opponent’s coins. If you see no chances of pocketing even a single coin but you are sure your opponent can pocket it easily then try to block the coin by striking appropriately. As the old saying goes “All is fair in love and war”, you can treat your game as war and use tricks to throw your opponent off the track. 


Playing games can help you destress after a long tiring day and carrom is no exception. All you need is a stable internet connection and a smartphone/desktop to play carrom online. You can play against the computer or family, friends, or even random players across the globe. Additionally, you can win cash rewards daily making it worth your time. You can practice a few matches and test your carrom skills before you start playing with money. Use the above-mentioned carrom tips and tricks and stay ahead of the game. However, we recommend you play only for a few hours a day and not get addicted to it.

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