Like many other board games, the chess game is also available online. Various good sites let people play online chess games. From any place, they want to. During the pandemic, when people had more time for themselves, online board games became very popular, especially chess. Though chess can be considered the game of the intellectuals, many young people are interested in playing this game. Chess game helps in the working out of both sides of the brain and helps kids from a very young age to grow thinking and problem-solving skills. Playing chess also helps to grow patience as this game takes enough time.

Why Should You Play Chess Online?

Children nowadays lack time to spend playing with their friends. Amid a busy schedule of school, tuition, and extracurricular activities, they get exhausted. The little reprieve they get is spent on online games or social media. So, parents can help their kids get addicted to playing chess online with friends. Through this, they would spend time with friends and not waste their time on social media or playing other video games. Children who play chess games have higher IQs and can avoid mental issues like schizophrenia and dementia.

7 Amazing Advantages of Playing Chess

Playing a chess game in itself is a good thing. Therefore, playing it online makes everything else a lot easier:

1. Meet New People Online: 

When you play any online game, chances are you meet new people from various parts of the world. Of course, you meet them virtually, but that does not demean the fact that you acquire social interaction skills while playing online chess. You learn how to interact with these people to play the games. Interacting with famous people can be a great way to increase the interacting skills of introverted people and can also be a fair way to make new friends. Online chess games can help you understand other people’s strategies while playing the said game, which will help you to grow intellectually.

2. Has A Strict Time Frame To Follow: 

While playing offline chess games, we avoid specific time frames while we make our moves. But when it comes to the online chess game, every player must make every move within a designated time frame. This particular rule makes everything way more intellectually progressing. Giving an exam might be easy, but the real hardship begins when you have a limited time to sit for this exam. Similarly, playing chess can get boring if there isn’t any time frame to maintain. But when the clock is ticking, you learn to manage and beat it.

3. Can Be Played Anywhere, Anytime With Anyone: 

If we play this game offline, we won’t be able to play it at any desired place, like in the middle of a subway ride, while eating breakfast in the morning, or while you are waiting for your friend to show up for a hangout session. Whereas in the case of the online game, you can play it anywhere, at any time. Sometimes when you do not have anyone to play the game with, in the case of the offline match, it gets boring to play alone, but for an online match, the computer assigns a bot to play the game with you, and that seems equally interesting as playing with another human.

4. Makes Children More Competitive: 

Playing at home with siblings and parents might not make the kid competitive enough to want to win the game at any cost. However, during an online game, when they are representing their country in front of playmates belonging to various countries worldwide, the competitive spirit might grow in them.

5. Can Help Kids Who Are Addicted To Video Games: 

No matter which household you visit, if you see a youngster having a good computer setup with gaming tools, you will know how addicted to online gaming they are. You can tame this addiction to online games. What do you have to do about that? Well, start playing chess online with friends. There isn’t much medical help that video games can do for children, but playing chess online with friends can be a good brain booster. Healthy competition among friends can be a fair way to progress for them.

6. It Is Not At All Time-consuming To Play: 

Playing one online chess game every day won’t take up enough time from a person’s busy schedule, especially when you can play it anywhere you want to. Even when we are busy, studies say that we waste a good amount of our time doing nothing productive. We know you are unaware of it. But now that you know, why don’t you start playing chess online during that period? It can be helpful in many ways.

7. No Need To Carry Any Gaming Equipment: 

If we would want to play the game offline, then it being a board game would require us to have board and chess pins everywhere because we aren’t sure when we will be free or bored and would want to play one game of chess. On the other hand, there is no such thing as carrying around gaming supplies if we play the same chess game online. It won’t take much time to set up the game, as the bot will do that for us. Our only target will be to win the said game against our opponents.

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With kids doing everything on the internet, they also tend to gravitate towards online games rather than offline. Board games like chess, now available online, can also be a part of the video game addiction kids have these days. If kids would play chess online with friends, they won’t be wasting their precious time doing anything productive. But would be preparing themselves intellectually by making their brain exercise. Moreover, while playing the game, you learn to be patient and learn how to think and solve problems. Addiction to online chess games can be the only addiction parents are okay with, so you can start playing it today.