Online gaming has been just a boon for the gaming community. Just the ease of gaming anytime from anywhere is a prospect that has brought gamers together to enjoy their favourite activity. With easy access to the internet and mobile devices, the trend of online gaming is only going to surge even further. Popular traditional games like Ludo, Chess, and Carrom have made their way into online gaming. With a number of options available, Playerzpot has become the most popular and reliable gaming app for Ludo players, why is that so? Let us understand below. 

The Playerzpot Ludo app is just the right recipe for thousands of gamers. With a secure gaming app that is safe, entertaining, and rewarding, gamers feel that their preferences are held in the highest regard on this app. With a widespread digital presence, it is easy for gamers to guide themselves through the app or the website, where all the necessary information and guidance is provided to them. Just the simple registration process is all they need to complete in order to enter the ultimate Ludo gaming experience. Another added plus is the fact of how interactive and easy the Playerzpot Ludo app is for gamers, super easy and interactive just the way it should be.

Here’s how to play your favourite board game Ludo on Playerzpot. Given that you have successfully registered yourself on the Playerzpot app, you will now be able to join the Ludo game. Click the games button from the below screen, here you will see options for different games along with Ludo, click on Ludo, and next, you will see a whole bunch of options pop in front of you. The players here can choose to play pachisi or a regular version of the game, also selecting the game of 2 or 4 players. Players can hand-pick the game with different entry fees and winnings, while those who are still not confident enough can play the practice pots for free. 

The user interface of the Playerzpot Ludo app is such that any new player can ease into the gaming session without any hiccups. You have the dice, the tokens, and an eye-pleasing Ludo board set in front of you. The players do have a time limit to play their turn which is indicated by a green light. Other distinct features include the live chat, where one can engage in healthy banter, while the sound effects of the game further enhance the overall experience. Remember each player can choose to not play their turn only twice, the third miss will result in the opponent’s win.

With the game of Ludo now popular it has opened a doorway for new players to try their hand at the online version. Given that rewards are high and competition tough, there have to be some tips for the new players that they can follow to start their online ludo journey on a good note. Therefore, here are some key tips for the new Ludo players. First and foremost, understand the rules and regulations of the gaming app. Online Ludo rules might be a little tweaked and often there is a time limit so make sure you are in tandem with the changes.

Next, try to get as many of your tokens as possible up and running on the board. Make the six on your dice count, do not waste them as they might come back to bite you. Moving on, always make sure you have a good safe distance between your tokens on the board so that you can act in case your one token is eliminated. A good rule of thumb is to not have more than 12 square distances between your tokens. Last but not least, set traps for the opposition as by hampering your opponent’s progress you will be able to leapfrog ahead in the game.

One of the major reasons why Playerzpot Ludo is so hit with the masses is that it is rewarding, players do make a good return on their investment using their Ludo skills. Participating in the leaderboard challenges can help you win huge winnings and real cash, not to forget the daily cash contests where you can often taste the sweet victory. The refer and earn program is another added bonus that allows you to earn bonus rewards whenever your referrals play on the Playerzpot app. With a sense of ownership over the game and fruitful rewards, more and more players are now looking to join the game. 

Fairplay and security play a huge role in bettering the end-user experience. Playerzpot ensures that the players get a level playing field that is safe and secure to its core. The app is completely secure so that players can easily transfer the funds and cash in on their winnings without any worries. Anti-cheat mechanisms are in place so that if there are any suspicious actions they can be easily dealt with. Moreover, players are advised to play with caution as these could be habit-forming.

Needless to say, Playerzpot Ludo has been the reigning supreme in the online ludo space which will see a whole bunch of new players wanting to try out the game for themselves. With a lucrative reward system and a safe gaming app that allows players to play the game of their choice, it makes for an ultimate ludo app. The convenience of playing your favourite game at your fingertips is fun and allows you to connect with fellow gamers is a good space to be in. Join in, be a part of the growing community, and embark on your ludo journey with Playerzpot, India Ka Naya Maidan.