Bollywood actor and Arsenal fan Esha Gupta may have somewhere failed to garner limelight through her movies but in the past few weeks, she has managed to grab enough eyeballs to keep her picture running twice or thrice in news channels and in the headlines of the newspaper. This time Esha Gupta came under the criticism knife after sharing a racist remark directed towards Iwobi on her Instagram account. Although she quickly managed to delete the post, her followers were too quick to get the screenshot of it.

In the conversation, Esha’s friend called Iwobi a “gorilla” and said that “evolution stopped for him”. He even said that the footballer did not change from “neanderthal to man”.

To that, Esha Gupta laughed and replied: “Haha… I don’t know why they don’t bench him more.”

Arsenal fans and the whole world decided to take a dig into the matter and slammed the Rustom actress. She kept herself busy in writing the apology letter to her fans, to Arsenal fans, then to Arsenal FC and then finally to Iwobi…guess her mobile data would’ve exhausted that night. 

According to a report, Esha Gupta wrote in her letter to the Nigerian Footballer:  “I am extremely sorry for my ignorant action last Friday. Being an ardent fan of many years, I was deeply engrossed and caught up in the game.” 

She clearly mentioned that she did not realize the “racial undertone” from her friend’s message, which she shared on Instagram.

Guess she would have realised she’s been addressed and observed by millions of her fans. 

Although she claimed to be a victim of racism in her past yet she was slammed for her behavior to reacting to jokes on color or race. As of now the diss track slamming Esha Gupta by Arsenal fans is still trending on Twitter and that has made the actress a bit dissturbed. (LOL)