Barcelona has withdrawn from La Liga’s planned January fixture in Miami against Girona following a board meeting on Monday, citing a lack of agreement but leaving the door open to future participation.

The official website of the club published a statement which says;

The FC Barcelona Board of Directors has agreed to withdraw their disposal to play their game against Girona FC in Miami, after noting a lack of consensus over this proposal.

“FC Barcelona were and remain willing to play a LaLiga game in Miami, and accepted that income from the game would be shared among all Primera Division and Segunda Division Clubs, following the same criteria of television rights money distribution, but considering that this project will not prosper until there is an agreement between all parties”.

The Catalans were supposed to face Girona in Miami on January 27 as part of a 15-year partnership between La Liga and media company Relevant. The idea received a widespread opposition and criticism from the Spanish Football Association (RFEF), the Spanish Players Union and even from the rivals, Real Madrid.

Now, Barcelona’s decision to not compete in the unpopular overseas matches until a combined agreement is done could signal an end for this season’s fixture.