Who does not want to get a chill time, away from all the chaos, drama, and stress of our day-to-day life, what better way to do so than indulging yourself in some online gaming shenanigans? Beat the stress by playing evergreen games such as Ludo, Carrom, Poker, Snakes & Ladder, and Rummy. This is indeed the reality of the 21st century, where you are in command of your gaming preferences and this is now being offered on your mobile devices. 

The online gaming space is now going under major overhaul, gone are those days when only a handful of lucky ones would be able to enjoy the thrill of gaming. Now, easy access to the internet, affordable smartphones, and groundbreaking internet technology have all acted as major catalysts to the rapid rise of casual gaming for real money online. What changed in the traditional sense of gaming, and why people are attracted to real money games online? Let us find out.

People across various age groups are interested in playing games online. These do include the newbies, the casual gamers, and the professional ones. What traditional online games lacked was inclusiveness, immersive gameplay experience, and ease of gaming. Online games not only are simple and easy to play and understand but are a stress buster. This can only be achieved through providing games that are known by the common masses and are not a task in itself to play the game. It has to be a joyride than another stress-ridden task, that is why online real money games are prospering. 

Let’s talk about the big differentiating factor that fuels the rise of these games. Money, yes real money earning, side hustle, and an extra source of income are the tags commonly attached to online games. What changed though, the traditional online games also offer the same variable, why the difference? The difference is in the way these games are offered, online real-money games offer you competitive cash games at a negligible fee. Moreover, the users have the option to choose a game of their choice as there are multiple cash game offerings for the same game category.

Below is The List of 30 Best Online Real Money Earning Games of 2023


Money Earning Games

Games You Can Play

PlayerzPot Casual, Card, Board, Arcade and Fantasy Sports Games
Dream11 Fantasy Games
MPL (Mobile Premier League) Card, Casual and Fantasy Games
RummyCircle Rummy Games
Paytm First Games Card, Casual and Fantasy Games
My11Circle Fantasy Sports
Ace2Three Rummy Games
PokerBaazi Poker Games
Adda52 Online Poker and Rummy Games
KhelPlay Rummy Rummy Games
9stacks Poker Games
PokerStars India Poker Games
BalleBaazi Fantasy Sports
Gamezy Casual, Card and Fantasy Sports Games
Skill4Win Skill Based Games
GoRummy Rummy Games
Junglee Rummy Rummy Games
PokerDangal Poker Games
HalaPlay Fantasy Sports
RummyBaazi Rummy Games
ClassicRummy Rummy Games
MiniJoy Pro Spin the Wheel games
Rummy Passion Rummy Games
PokerNation Poker Games
Deccan Rummy Rummy Games
Taj Rummy Rummy Games
PokerHigh Poker Games
RummyVilla Rummy Games
PokerMet Poker Games
RummyCulture Rummy Games
Ace2Three Rummy Rummy Games

Discover an exciting selection of 30 cash games that offer fantastic opportunities to earn money online in 2023. These games are not only engaging and enjoyable but also conveniently accessible on both the Play Store and App Store. Whether you prefer competing against friends or facing real opponents, these gaming apps provide thrilling online gameplay experiences where you can turn your skills into cash rewards.

  1. Playerzpot 
  2. Gamzey
  3. Zupee
  4. Winzo
  5. MPL
  6. Ace2Three
  7. GetMega
  8. PokerBazzi
  9. RummyCircle 
  10. Paytm First Games
  11. Loco
  12. Junglee Rummy  
  13. Dream 11
  14. GameTruz
  15. Winzy
  16. BrainBaazi
  17. Carrom Clash 
  18. Qeeda 
  19. Striker 
  20. Game Gully 
  21. Solitare Club 
  22. Qrumble Box
  23. Fruits Cut 
  24. Howzat 
  25. Big Time Chess
  26. Playerzpot Sheep Fight 
  27. Ball Pool 
  28. 10cric
  29. SkillClash
  30. mGamer

1. Playerzpot

Playerzpot is one of India’s leading online gaming platforms that offer players to earn real money. The app is known for its offerings in skill-based casual games like Ludo, Carrom, Snakes, and Ladders, the online gaming giant is also well known in the fantasy sports segment, thus diversifying its gaming offering on the way to becoming a super gaming app. The app is available for both Android and iOS users, with a vision of gaming for all, Playerzpot has been catering to every gamer regardless of their preference. Here are some of the must-play games on the Playerzpot App:

* Ludo

Ludo needs no introduction, it has been a preferred board game online. Ludo games are enjoyed by all regardless of the age bar. There is a classic version of Raftar Ludo and Ludo on Playerzpot. Raftar Ludo is a unique take as all the tokens are released from the get-go and the motive here is to score maximum points in the given time-frame. Every move earns you a point while eliminating opposition and crossing your token in your home adds heavily to the points total.

* Poker

Most card gaming enthusiasts love the king of all card games, Poker and that is why it is among the popular money-earning games played on Playerzpot. The best feature of Playerzpot poker is that you can choose to play your own game from the different pots made available. Pots here signify varying entry fees and winnings, so depending on the player’s choice, they can play the game they like. You can earn Rs 50 lakh daily playing poker on Playerzpot.

* Rummy

Another fan-favourite card game that has been popular on Playerzpot. Rummy is indeed for all, be it beginners or the experienced the game suits everyone. The game is played with two standard decks with two jokers, the objective here is to create sets and sequences and make a valid declaration. The first player to make a valid declaration wins the game and takes home the prize money.

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* Snakes, Ladders & Ludo

Snakes and Ladders once again hit home being an online game as it has been a part of everyone since their childhood days. Playerzpot has upped the ante by merging the ludo aspect in the normal snakes and ladders game. Instead of a single token, the players will have 2 tokens each and will be able to eliminate the opposition. The rest of the rules stay the same as a traditional snakes and ladders game, the player first to cross both the tokens across the finish line wins the game along with the bag of cash.

* Fantasy Sports

Playerzpot started off as a fantasy gaming app and no wonder they are amongst the leading fantasy sports app in the country. With games like fantasy cricket, fantasy football, Kabaddi, Basket, and Baseball made available, sports fanatics have been earning real money playing their preferred games. Easy cash outs, a secure platform, different leagues, and multiple pots are some of the key highlights of Playerzpot fantasy games. Make sure you try your hand at these games.

2. Gamzey

Gamezy is one of the leading fantasy and skill-based online gaming platforms. If you love playing casual games for money, gamezy would certainly fill up your gaming hunger. Moreover, fantasy sports have been big on Gamzey so make sure you check that out too.

3. Zupee

Zupee is a fast-emerging gaming app focused on board games like Ludo, Carrom, and more. With their unique take and extensive features that distinguish it from the rest of the platform, Zupee has created its own space, as one of its favourites.

4. Winzo 

A multipurpose gaming app, Winzo has been the one that has aggressively put out casual games on offering for real cash. The app is available for both Android and iOS users. For those who are on the lookout for a perfect gaming app that has the offering of all games in a single place, Winzo is the pick for you.

5. MPL

One of the top dogs of the online gaming industry in the country, MPL has been thriving in testing waters, staying relevant over a period of time. Known for its fantasy gaming offerings, they have also doubled down on casual and card games like Ludo, Poker, and Rummy.

6. Ace2Three

One of the most premium rummy gaming apps, A23 has a sole focus and that is to deliver the best online rummy gaming experience to the users. With more than 5 crore active users, A23 has undoubtedly attracted the best rummy gamers across the country. If you are looking out for an exclusive rummy gaming app, then Ace2Three has to be your pick.

7. GetMega 

Another emerging gaming app, GetMega is also an exclusive card gaming app. Games like Poker and Rummy are core to their gaming mantra and they are on the lookout for attracting more card gaming enthusiasts. The games offered here are classic to its core along with some of their own unique features. They have games starting from as low as Rs 1 so this surely is one for those who are on the learning curve in order to win big playing online card games.

8. PokerBaazi

Having established itself as a top-tier poker gaming platform, PokerBaazi took the gaming industry by storm with their unique offerings of poker. They were the ones who popularized the use of emojis and throwable during a live game, not only that the player’s statistics is another distinct feature that was able to attract more and more poker players to their gaming apps.

9. RummyCircle 

India’s largest rummy gaming site, the rummy circle is a giant of online skill-based card games in India. As their name suggests, they are known for their rummy game, and over the years they’ve built a user base of strong 30 million users. Since its inception in 2012, the gaming website has grown tremendously and aims to pull more growing rummy audiences.

10. PaytmFirst Games

PaytmFirst Games is a dedicated gaming site that offers both fantasy and card games for real money. They have so far managed to reach out to 6 crore trusted users who have tried their hand at playing their favourite games at PaytmFirst Games.

11. Loco 

Loco is notorious for its extensive quiz-based games that keep the players on the edge, the pioneer of quiz gaming for real money, Loco has now turned into a live-streaming platform focused on online gaming. A whole host of online streamers and audience flock to Loco to catch of glimpse of their favourite streamer and e-sports athletes.

12. Junglee Rummy 

Since its foundation in 2012, Junglee Rummy has grown to become one of the most preferred online card gaming destinations. A lucrative welcome bonus and refer & earn policies have seen them reach out to 6 crore rummy enthusiasts. With awareness about responsible gaming and the onus on innovation, Junglee Rummy is surely here to stay.

13. Dream 11

Dream 11 is one of the oldest and the most prominent names in online fantasy gaming in India. If cricket enthusiasts are planning to make a fantasy cricket team in hopes to win real money, Dream 11 is sure to be the first preference, that is the impact of this fantasy gaming site. They are also the largest fantasy sports platform with 120+ million users. Needless to say, this fantasy gaming site will be entertaining sports enthusiasts for a major chunk of the near future.

14. Game Truz

One of the newbies of the online gaming industry, Game Truz is an online skilled-based platform where users can play simple games to earn real money. Snow Fruit and Little Monsters are their two popular offerings. This is a perfect space for casual gamers to dwell in their gaming sessions and earn real money playing simple fun games.

15. Winzy

Winzy is a premier online trivia quiz gaming platform. Along with regular quiz games, winzy offers flash play gaming features that add chaos to the already exciting gaming experience. The gaming app is available to download from the Android app store.

16. BrainBazzi

BrainBazzi is an online trivia quiz and live poll game that offers users to earn real money just by answering questions on the quiz. Adding to the ever-growing list of popular quiz games, BrainBaazi has been slowly spreading its wings and catering to a good bunch of online gaming audiences.

17. Carrom Clash 

Carrom Clash is an online carrom game presented by game snacks to carrom enthusiasts. They provide a wide range of distinct online carrom games from free to paid ones. There is a disc pool, Freestyle Carrom, and the evergreen Classic games for players to join. The players have an option to play in games where rewards is as high as Rs 10,000.

18. Qeeda 

Qeeda is a fun, unique, and entertaining online gaming app that offers fantasy sports and casual games for money. Lucky Dice, Box and Dots, and Dots and Boxes are some of the unique offerings by the Qeeda app. Moreover, along with winning real cash prizes, you can win shopping credits which can then be used online.

19. Striker 

Striker is a new emerging fantasy gaming site that upholds the core essence of fantasy sports along with the jolt of fresh features. Here instead of 11 players, there are 5 rare card players Here you can also trade the cards with the other player thus adding financial value to the player’s card. In its own unique way, Striker is surely one to watch out for as a growing fantasy gaming site.

20. Game Gully 

Game Gully is another emerging gaming app that offers games that are simple and easy to play in nature. The Game Gully Android App is slowly growing with 5 lakh users and will continue to do so, considering the surge in online gaming hours. Games like knife hit, Shape Swipe, Soccer 3D, and Zoom Race are some of the highlights that players can enjoy.

21. Solitare Club 

Solitare Club is one of the best-known card games online. Solitare is rather different from other card games as one has to arrange the card here instead of betting or dealing. The game Solitare Club has been hugely popular on the social media platform Facebook and continues to be a driving force. Players here are matched against each other to compete for the top dollar.

22. Qrumble Box 

Qrumble Box is an online trivia quiz gaming platform where you can answer questions and earn real money. The winning cash here can be withdrawn using Paytm cash. There are a bunch of different categories for quiz games ranging from, Sports, TV Drama, Entertainment, Politics, Bollywood, and more.

23. Fruits Cut 

Welcome to the thrilling world of Fruit Cut! Get ready to unleash your slicing skills and dive into a juicy adventure like never before. In this exhilarating game, you play as a master fruit ninja, armed with a razor-sharp blade and lightning-fast reflexes.

As the colorful fruits come flying across the screen, it’s your task to slash them into pieces with precision and style. With each swift swipe, witness the fruits burst into a vibrant explosion of succulent flavors and delicious juices. But be careful! Avoid slicing any bombs that may appear, as they spell instant game over.

24. Howzat 

Howzat is a strategy-based online fantasy cricket app that allows users to create their own winning team. The app is certainly new considering it was launched in 2019, but with a user base of 10 million, they have quickly grown to become one of the top fantasy gaming destinations. A chance to play with legend is a distinct feature Howzat provides it to their fantasy gamers.

25. Big-Time Chess 

There are a lot of fantasy and casual gaming sites and app but very few offers real money playing online chess games. Big Time Chess is one such gaming app that allows chess players to cash in on their potential and gaming skills. The app is available to download from the Android play store for free.

26. Playerzpot Sheep Fight 

Playerzpot Sheep Fight is a game you have never seen before. It is easy, simple yet tough to win especially in cash games. The objective here is to release the sheeps across the barns and deduct the grass point of your opponent, this is only done when your sheep enters the opposition’s barn crossing the line. The Playerzpot app is free to download through which you will be able to play sheep fight games and earn real money.

27. 8 Ball Pool 

8 Ball Pool needs no introduction, the 3D version of the game is extremely popular, and with a basic knowledge about the game, you can easily compete against the players. Known for its day on Facebook, the game is now made available to download for free on the Android Play Store.

28. 10Cric

10Cric is one of the few emerging online casino games that offers various sports such as Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, and more. Various tournaments and matchups are available for the players to play on and get the most out of their sports knowledge in earning real money. They have also entered the e-sports arena which might open future doors for them.

29. SkillClash 

Talking about new emerging casual gaming sites, SkillClash has certainly made a space for itself. With lucrative offerings of simple yet effective games such as Ludo Dash, Blazing Blades, and Bottle Shoot, players can win and earn real money by competing in cash games and contests.

30. mGamer 

mGamer is a mobile gaming application that allows you to redeem money using the credit you have earned playing simple games and tasks. The app has become popular for this reason and using the refer and earn policy players are earning Rs 25 on a daily basis. 

Tips To Win Real Money Cash Games

Given that you are now well aware of the category of the game you want to play and have decided on the gaming app you would like to compete with. You will need some important tips to win real money cash games, as the competition here is high, you won’t have time to settle down, and therefore making use of these tips you will excel and win at your favourite games. 

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1. Select the Game of Your Choice

The first thing you want to do is not get into a hurry and jump straight on cash-rich tournaments and games. Try to find your footing, understand the game, improvise, look where you stand amongst the competition, and then choose a game. Participating in a practice match does not make you less of a player but in turn, will mold you to be a better prospect for upcoming challenges. 

2. Know the Rules

Given that you are playing the same old game of chess and you are quite well versed with all the rules and regulations and jump on the action. However, it is important to note that the game being offered online might have tweaked the gameplay and added a layer of rules that must be followed. You certainly would not want to be in a position where despite knowing the game you were on the losing end just because you did not know the structure and rules which are an integral part of the game itself. 

3. Games Practice 

The only one skill that will help you reach your goals and win money by playing these games is constant practice. Only with the knowledge of your errors and mistakes, you will be able to polish your skill. Ask yourself this, have you seen any player or a gamer who wins the games playing it just on rare occasions, how hard they train, and how many setbacks they have experienced? So keep on the grind and results will follow. 


Are Real Money Games Real Games?

Yes, real money games are real. You can download and play your desired game online, participate in contests, compete, and win real money. 

How to Earn Cash by Playing Online Games in India?

Download the Playerzpot gaming app, enter the contest of your choice, compete, and earn real cash. 

How Much Money Can I Win Daily?

Depending on the games you are playing and the pots you have entered, you can win up to Rs 5 Lakh playing card games like rummy and poker on Playerzpot. 

Are Real Money Earning Games Legal in India?

Yes, online real money-earning games are completely legal and safe to play in India.

Can I Withdraw My Winning Amount in My Bank Account?

Yes, you can withdraw your winnings by playing real money online games directly in your bank accounts that you have linked with the gaming app.