Canadian teenager continues her victorious run in the ASB Classic and her latest victim was seven-time Grand Slam champion, Venus Williams.

On a packed Centre Court in Auckland, Andreescu knocked off the former No 1 player 6-7 6-1 6-3 in a thrilling quarter-final match. It appears like she is on a feat of defeating the former World No 1s as the Canadian beat Caroline Wozniacki the previous night.

The first set of the game against Williams was tight but the 18—year old Andreescu won 11 games in a row to outclass the 38-year old.

Andreescu who ranked 152 in the world previously said that it was a dream come true to beat Wozniacki. The teenager is so animated in the court- the way she crawls up into a ball or makes unusual hand gestures. However, even after a mistake she bounces back quickly to form and be aggressive again.

“I think anything is possible and tonight I think I did the impossible. My goal was to qualify and maybe a couple of rounds in but now I beat a couple of top players. So who knows? I fought and I really enjoyed myself”, the elated Bianca Anreescu commented.