Are you a chess lover whose favorite battleground is the 64-squared checkerboard? But do you find it challenging enough to get a chess partner to match your skill level and give you mental stimuli? Then, it is time for you to try online chess. You can go for chess games free download and compete with chess lovers worldwide. However, some threats can ruin your gaming experience and harm your device. So, before you download any random chess gaming app on your device, here are a few things you should know. 

There are many online gaming sites and apps where you can test your chess gaming skills; however, it is best to look out for a safe and secure platform like Playerzpot that can give the utmost comfort of gaming. Apps like Playerzpot can be downloaded from the official site, making it reliable for gamers. 

If your primary concern is data security and you feel worried about your private information getting stolen, this article is for you. Here is a set of dos and donts for online chess players to keep them from cyber crimes and similar threats. 

Dos for Chess game Download

1. Research Reliable Sources:

Though downloading chess games from unofficial sources sounds harmless, it can be a severe threat. Do not restrict yourself to only downloading the app. Downloading cheat codes or getting items from third-party sellers can be equally harmful. You may end up inadvertently downloading malware or spyware on your device, which may result in your privacy breach. There are chances of phishing, too, leading to your identity theft or similar other security risks.

2. Read Reviews and Ratings:

Looking for a reliable online chess game? Check reviews and ratings, which can come in handy. You can get insights about different features of the game, along with its drawbacks. Once you know the pros and cons of gaming apps, you can easily select the suitable one. It can also help you avoid scams and fake games that may harm your device or steal your personal information.

3. Check Permissions:

When you install an app, it asks for permission to access the camera, location, contacts, storage, and many other personal information. It can make you vulnerable to stealing your private data. Thus, you should avoid that and check if the chess gaming app you are downloading is not accessing more information than is required to function smoothly. If you find an app asking for unnecessary permission, it is better to avoid it.

4. Verify Compatibility:

Do you want to get a smooth gaming experience? Check if your games latest version is compatible with the hardware specifications of your device. While most games are designed to be compatible with various devices and operating systems, they may fail to match one or two specifications. However, these can happen only on occasion. Therefore, verify your device compatibility with the chess gaming app to save time and money and avoid glitches.

5. Scan for Malware:

Sometimes, downloading online games can expose your device to malware. Cyber Criminals may use the spyware to collect your data. To ensure the safety of your data and keep your device safe, having a well-versed antivirus system installed on your device is the best option. After downloading some file or app, you can scan for threats.

Don’ts for Chess game Download

1. Avoid Unofficial Sources:

Data safety is possibly the first thing on your mind while downloading a gaming app. Right? If so, then dont download any game from unofficial sources. There can be malware, viruses, or spyware on them that can extract your data and sell it to third parties. You can also modify these apps sometimes to give some advantages to the players. But, in this case, the gaming platform may ban you for using unfair means. Therefore, check the official gaming site while downloading your chess gaming app.

2. Don’t Fall for Scams:

Scammers can create fake chess games that may look legit. The tempting offers and prices work as traps to snatch the attention of the gamers. While they can collect your personal information through the app, your device can be impacted by malware or viruses. Besides this, cheat codes and other modifications might give unfair advantages to some players, thus ruining the integrity of the platform.

3. Beware of Invasive Permissions:

Some apps might ask you for permissions that arent necessary for their functioning. These invasive permissions can be a way for scammers to collect your data. To prevent this, you can check the app permissions asked from you. Having control over the app permissions and denying the ones that you feel are unnecessary can save you from the malicious intent of cyber criminals.

4. Steer Clear of “Too Good to be True” Offers:

Sometimes, having a skeptical nature is a virtue. Then, you can be aware of some offers that look unrealistic or too generous. It may be a trick to get you to download malware or extract your personal information. There are also chances of hidden costs that prevent you from actually accessing the benefits promised by the app. Thus, if you look for in-game purchases, it is better to shop from official sites than random third-party websites.

5. Avoided Outdated and Unsupported Versions:

Apps modify their security patches to ensure users a superior and safe gaming experience. Outdated and unsupported versions may have flaws in security patches. Thus, it may make way for cybercriminals to plant spyware in your system. Besides security-related issues, compatibility problems or slow performance might ruin your gaming experience.

Additional Tips for Safe Experience

1. Regular Updates:

Regularly updating your gaming app is the first task to ensure a safe gaming experience. The upgraded versions of games have improved security patches to safeguard against viruses. Additionally, you can enjoy good-quality graphics, smooth performance, and new offers. Updating an app can prevent crashes and solve compatibility issues.

2. Backup Data:

Regularly backing up your data can prevent any loss caused by malware, crashes, or hard drive failure. It will save you time and money, and you dont have to seek help from any data recovery services. If you fear backup failure or corruption, diversifying your data backup can also be beneficial. 

3. Use Secure Networks:

Even after taking some precautions, your device may still get infected with spyware or viruses if you dont use a Secure network. Hackers or scammers may use unsecured WiFi networks to distribute malware and steal your private information.


While getting an online chess app can be a better way of enjoying chess games from the comfort of your home, it is better to take some precautions to avoid getting scammed and data theft. Staying away from suspicious links, unofficial sources, and unrealistic offers can keep your data safe. At the same time, updating your apps and having antivirus can protect your device from harm. Download a reliable gaming app like Playerzpot from their official site and get a smooth and superior gaming experience!