Introduction to Chess Openings

To have a positive result in a game of chess it is essential to have a good chess opening. The white piece here is the one who is first to make the move, in doing so the player will lay down the foundation of the game while engineering their first plot and executing the strategies planned ahead of the game. The white-piece player has an edge over the black counterpart, as they are the ones who can set the game in motion and then improvise on the counter aimed at them. 

Understand this, although the white piece does have a slight edge in the opening moves but it is the overall skill and execution of the player’s strategies that will ultimately decide the fate of the game. The objective of having a good opening move is to set forth your pieces on the right path and junctures across the chess board which will help you to curb down the opposition and capture the pieces. 

The Basic Principles of Chess Openings

Whenever the players do have a good opening in chess, they target the center board square and align their pieces accordingly, thus creating a numbers advantage in the center. Doing so, it allows players to block the opponent’s pawns who are looking to advance further while also blocking the opening for pieces like Knight, Bishops, and Rook. Furthermore, the advantage here is that the player having a good command over the center board pushes the opponent to make an impulsive decision, or better push their pieces over the edges of the board. If you want to play chess online, mastering these strategic principles becomes even more crucial to outmaneuver your opponents in virtual matches.

The chess opening move allows the player to utilize their minor pieces to their maximum potential. Knights and Bishops are notorious for their piercing moves across the board and a good opening carves up a space for these two pieces to get into better position rather than fighting for one. One of the advantages of putting pieces like Knight and Bishop in the opening moves is that they are not susceptible to being under attack or threat but they are the ones causing the threat to the opponent’s pieces.

One of the important objectives for chess players to have good opening moves is that it allows them to fortify their King’s security and get into better defensive positions. Speaking of the King’s safety, the castling is the first option players look for, Castling is a special move when the King and Rook swap spaces and are placed beside each other. However in order to move to the castle both these pieces have to be in their original squares and not moved. 

Commonly Played First Moves for White

1. The King’s Pawn Opening

This is the most popular opening move by the white piece in a game of chess. Here the pawn placed in front of the king is advanced by two squares, doing so allows the white player to take control of the center and thus allows the pieces like the queen and knights to launch an offensive. With the pawn making the headways, the black is forced to make a move with a similar move of their own. This is where white gets an edge and is able to launch an offensive where the black pawn can be captured, thus asserting further control in the center of the board. 

2. The Queen’s Pawn Opening

Similar to the king pawn opening, the queen pawn opening is another good option to consider while opening the game. Here the pawn ahead of the queen moves two squares occupying the centremost square on the board, thus enabling the centre domination strategy. This in the long run creates a pressure situation for the black as there is less space to move without trading blows. The black in turn has to follow suit in responding in a similar manner which always plays in favour of the white. 

3. The Reti Opening 

Also known as Zukertort opening, here the bishop from the white side is used to open. Owing to their special characteristics, jumping over the pawn the bishop takes the f3 square. The advantage of white with this opening is that if in case black follows the same path it is difficult for black to call off and regain the pawn. This opening also prepares players for a potential castling that can be enabled later in the game. The Reti opening allows white to be flexible in their approach and therefore it is one of the preferred opening strategies. 

4. The English Opening 

The English opening is when the pawns in front of the knights are pushed upfront from the flanks rather than the king or queen pawns. This flanking position allows the queen to make direct headways and also blocks the black to make an attacking opening. Black here is forced to come out of their comfort zone and make some big calls, while white is able to pounce on simple mistakes thus taking a lead in the game. 

5. The Bird Opening & The King’s Fianchetto Opening

The Bird opening is named after English chess master Henry Bird. However, despite its simple nature, this can be a surprising move for the opposition. Another well-known opening move is The King’s Fianchetto Opening, here the pawn in front of the knight is moved two squares, this basically creates a window for the knight to come into attacking plays. 

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6. General Opening Guidelines and Tips

In order to get a good grasp of opening moves, it is essential to study and understand various opening moves. Analyze the opening moves made by grandmasters via video stream and understand how to go about their opening sequences. It is equally important to grow on a good opening, as you will have to act quickly and strongly on your foundation of a good opening, therefore a balanced approach is a way to go forward. There will be times when your code will be cracked by the opposition and you will have to take a step back, during such situations adaptability will come in handy, so have a flexible approach. Every chess player has their own unique style which demands them to lay down an opening strategy that propels them towards greater positional play and ultimately a win in a game of chess. 


With a strong and steady start, you are set to be ahead of your opponent in a game of chess. More so when you have white pieces at hand. Understand that the above-mentioned opening moves have faced the test of time and are still used by professional chess players across the globe. It is also encouraged to dwell into your own strategic thoughts and come up with opening moves that will guide you well in your chess journey. 

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