In the principal match planned for Sunday evening, Delhi will play with the state in their vicinity, UP at the Patliputra Sports Complex in Patna. The Delhi outfit would be high with respect to certainty after a conclusive nine-point win against a solid Bengal (39-30) and would hope to take their match up a score against the UP. Their attack has turned out to be deadly with both their essential raiders – Naveen and Chandran Ranjit in best shape. It was Naveen (11 attack points) who had shocked the Bengal defense with his quick and able attacks and would be roaring with certainty in front of the face off against the UP team. Prior to the beginning of the competition, it was said that the Delhi would be as solid as their defense.

What’s more, seeing last match’s four-tackle point show by Joginder Narwal and Ravinder Pahal, the Delhi team appears up for any ultimatum that comes their way. The UP team, then again, are mortally tough in their attack however similarly poor in defense. Their attacking trio – Rishank Devadiga, Shrikant Jadhav and Prashant Kumar Rai are one of the most grounded striking units in Pro Kabaddi League 2018. In any case, it’s their defense which has let them down persistently. They have the second more regrettable average tackle score at 8.5 tackles for each match among every one of the groups in the opposition, Tamil team is the most noticeably worst (8.25 tackles per match).

The accomplished crusader, Jeeva Kumar, appears to be out with injury as he has been lost without a trace since the UP’s opening match against the Tamil team. His non-attendance has, actually, left a vast gap in the UP team’s resistance which they have not been able to fill until now. The corners, Nitesh Kumar and Sagar Krishna, need consistency however are beginning to demonstrate a better performance in their match. Their fellowship and form would play a pivotal and critical role for the UP team to choke Delhi’s raiders.

Tentative 7 players aligned for each team

Delhi Team: (Captain) Joginder Narwal, Vishal Mane, Pawan Kumar Kadian/Rajesh Narwal, Ravinder Pahal, Viraj Vishnu, Chandran Ranjit, Naveen Kumar

UP Team: (Captain) Rishank Devadiga, Prashant Kumar Rai, Amit, Narender, Nitesh Kumar, Shrikant Jadhav, Sagar Krishna


Prashant Kumar Rai, Rishank Devadiga and Chandran Ranjit

Ranjit has been an influential raider for the Delhi squad and has utilized his space well to accumulate points in the season. The UP duo – Rishank and Prashant have combined well to unleash the potential of being the strongest raiding pair in this league.


Amit, Nitesh Kumar and Ravinder Pahal

Nitesh has been a consistent performer for the UP team and has done well along with Sagar Krishna and Amit. This cover defender has pitched in well with his tackles as well as dashes in the series. Ravinder, also called “The Hawk” has been a tough contender in the Delhi brigade with his immaculately tough and strong blocks and the skill of carving out Super Tackles in the most critical situations.

All Rounders

Sagar Krishna

Sagar Krishna, who is the left side defender for the UP team surmounts strong tackles on his raiders and has formed a concrete alliance with Nitesh Kumar, who is at the other corner of the UP defense tactics.

Match Prediction – Delhi vs UP 

Delhi certainly looks more confident about wearing the victory cap in tonight’s match.