Who said video games are not real games? Behalf of the crazy Millenials who are passionate, rather addicted to this world of fantasy, E-Sports makes its grand entry to 2018 Asian Games at Indonesia. Starting its journey as a demonstration game, it is not so long since E-Sports will be crowned as medal games in 2022 Asian Games.

The Olympic Council of Asia announces that video gaming will be featured as a full sport at the 2022 Asian Games at Hangzhou, China. The electronic sports wizards can show off their talents and grab some glory for their home countries too. The OCA in partnership with Alibaba’s Alisports, strongly considered the inclusion of this digital sports event as the reflection of the rapid development and popularity of it among the youths.

Why shouldn’t just sports head to the digital platform when our entire world revolves around the digital clock? The grand entry of the video game into Asiad and its amazing spectator crowd proves that it is a Big one and going to be a hit soon. The electronic gaming market in Asia hit $2.2 billion in 2017 which is predicted to double by 2021, a year just before the next Asian Games at Hangzhou.

Tirth Mehta, a 24-year old hailing from Gujarat bagged bronze for India in Hearthstone, an online video game says, ”People give more respect to what I do when I tell them that I play for my country”. While E-Sports still raise eyebrows of some, there are plenty of attributes to them just like any other sports. It takes tedious mental training, skill and strategic brilliance for the fight. The emotional turmoils and exhilaration of victories are all the same even for video games. After all, video games have taught us that when you meet your enemies you know that you are heading in the right direction.