Baseball is one of the oldest sports in the world. Over the decades, the sport of baseball has become one of the most popular sports around the world. In India, there is a fanbase for baseball. The reason behind the popularity of the sport in India is Fantasy Baseball. While cricket has become a heartbeat for Fantasy online gamers, baseball has now started to grow its presence more and more. In order to play Fantasy Baseball, you not just need to understand the basics of the sport but a firm grasp of Fantasy Baseball tips that will help you earn exciting prizes and cash rewards.

Here are the tips to win Fantasy Baseball

  1. Limit Risk Early: The biggest risk while drafting your team for the season is to rely on the results of the previous season. Everyone is on the lookout to pick the best of the players as their first pick. But picking the inform player of last season as your first pick cannot be the wisest decision. Here you can observe how others are making their picks. Let others take the unnecessary risk and play it safe with your early picks. This will settle your doubt and confusion in picking the rest of the team.
  2. Don’t Fear Preseason Injuries: This is a major concern for most fantasy managers and they often make the mistake of chalking off injured players from their draft list. Whether or not your league has designated roster spots for players on the MLB injured list, getting the star player at discounted prices is a better prospect and the player can help you late in the season.
  3. Buy Low and Sell High on the Trade Market: One of the best features while drafting your fantasy team is that you can trade your players just like you do in the stock market. The value of the player is based on his past performances, health, injuries, and role in the team. So, be on the lookout for such players on which you can make a purchase that is worth a nickel, and then once the player has a growing opinion with his burst in the mid-season or late in the season you can then put that player on the market.
  4. Hitters Over Pitchers: When drafting your team, make a note of drafting the big hitters first in the team. Of course, there are a few elite pitchers you would want to have in your selection but that should not blur your judgment in picking the right picks. Hitters have more possibility of scoring you points in like four or five categories while pitchers may not be able to contribute the same. So, you are better off with good hitters over pitchers.
  5. Keep an Eye on Short-term Statistics of Players: Just because a batter or a pitcher has a good season does not necessarily mean they are helping your lineup every week. Instead of blindly picking players on the basis of the seasons they had, look for their recent performances, and trends in the past week or months this will help you get the best out of your team. Fantasy baseball is about scoring points and this can be achieved only when you are well aware of the recent trends and players’ performance so be sure you follow your league well.