You need to have a clear idea of how to execute and build your Fantasy Handball Team. The best selection of 7 players in the game will take you a long way up on the leaderboards and thus closer to the cash rewards and major prizes. However, a headstart in terms of tips will take you a long way in reaching your goal of becoming a Fantasy Handball Pro. So, here are a few tips that will help you ease into your gaming experience and at the same time help you win at fantasy handball.

Tips to win Fantasy Handball Matches

Keep a tab on players’ recent performances: If there is one mantra to get the best possible team for fantasy handball is to get the players who are in their prime form. As the players who are consistently doing well for their team will in turn give the maximum number of points if picked in your team. A marquee player who has had good spells in past but has been miss firing in recent outings won’t be a good pick over a newbie who has been consistent in his performances.

Captain and the Vice-Captain: The most important tip you should take note of before creating your fantasy handball team is to choose the right picks for the captain and vice-captain roles. The captain gets you 2X points while the vice-captain adds 1.5X points to your X1. So, if you are able to rightfully allot the positions to those two players who have performed well in the match will grant you good points and most importantly an edge over other competing players.

Keep Tabs On Player News and Injury Updates: In fantasy handball games you are required to pick the best 7 players to be a part of the team and enter the contest. However, ahead of picking your players be sure to check about their fitness level and availability for the matches ahead. In case the player that you wanted to be picked in your team is out injured his inclusion won’t get you any points. So, it’s better to keep yourself in check with the player news and injury updates before creating your team.

Select the top-rated Power Players: Power Player (PP) is the leading attacking player of a team in handball who orchestrates the pressing and attacking plays of your handball team. The PP has a role of a free floater while other players remain in formation, therefore needless to say the transition of the team’s attacking and defensive formation relies on his shoulders. If you are looking to collect more points from your fantasy handball team make sure you have a top-rated Power Player in your side.

Find A Balance For Your Fantasy Team: Picking a perfect team does not necessarily mean making the addition of big-name players. You need to pick players that will create a balance in your team. Look for patterns, past records, and match-ups between the two teams, and then get the right picks for attackers, defenders, and goalkeepers that can help you win.

Choose The Right Pot: Choosing the right pot is one of the most important tips that can help you win big. Before choosing a pot check out the prizes and their features. Some pots have negligible entry fees and a higher chance of winning but the prizes won’t be big. While other pots have higher entry fees with the potential to win big prizes. If you are new to the game it is advised to try with a smaller prize pot and then as you gain experience you can then move to higher prized pots of fantasy handball.