Sports Culture – a culture that divides the country and its people in a way that they battle each other, just to unite to enjoy and spill out their daily sweats of frustration, stress, and anger so that they can dance, scream and be that one crazy person for one month or at least for one day. This culture has given a new direction to those who are willing to prove themselves in the eyes of those who think that they mean nothing to the world. Sports is one of that medium where your hard work pays off and all you can claim for yourself is fame and pride. But for a moment if we keep the moral science associated with sports aside and focus on what makes sports, the best way to earn by merely following the passion. A player runs with the ball dribbling on his feet or hands for 3 hours and they walk home with cash. Ahh, you don’t have to be jealous, these players train real hard and win pride for their country, but you too can add class to your wardrobe by just playing what you love. Confused?

Here’s presenting you with Fantasy Sports-  a portal that allows you to play with the same enthusiasm as you display in front of a TV or at a stadium, the only difference is that your enthusiasm gets paid. 

In the initial phase, you might hesitate to try your hands on Fantasy sports but your first leap will surely make you win some real cash.  So how does it work?

Fantasy sports involves skills, the knowledge you posses for a particular team or a sport or a player. There are many Fantasy sports sites and PlayerzPot is one of the fastest growing Fantasy Gaming sites.
So all you have to do is:-

  1. Select your favorite sport; be it Football, Cricket or Kabaddi.
  2. Once you select your favorite sport, the next step is to select the match you want to play; that can be India vs Pakistan or Real Madrid vs Barcelona etc. Matches that are scheduled to be played during the day.
  3. Once you select the match, your game of skills becomes active. Now you have to build your own squad that comprises of players from both the teams. The players’ selection is to be made based on their performance.
  4. Once your squad is prepared, wait for the actual match to begin. Glue yourself to the TV screens and once the player in your squad score a run, a point or a goal for the team he’s playing for, you get the points. In short, the player, be it, Ronaldo, Pogba, Messi, Dhoni or David Warne; now play for you as well.
  5. Once the match is over, the tally of your points will be converted to real cash.

Interesting enough? ‘Daily Fantasy sports’ comes with its own advantages:

  • Just like its mentioned ‘Daily‘ it goes to prove that you can earn on a daily basis.
  • There’s no season or tournament involved. Every day you get enough matches of your favorite sport.
  • There’s room for mistakes so it automatically makes daily fantasy sports a better option for novice players. You get opportunities to learn from your mistakes time and again. Daily fantasy sports does not punish you for the wrong choices to make (at least not as bad as traditional fantasy sports).
  • You will learn a lot like a fantasy sports player. The gaming process will teach you a lot in form of experience. You can draft your teams as many times as you wish. You can even apply new techniques and tactics to optimize scoring. The learning curve is much simpler than in fantasy sports, where you have to take into account many things like injuries and substitutions, for instance.

Now, enjoy your favorite sport with real cash and daily offers with PlayerzPot.

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