The Indian football team remained static in the FIFA rankings issued on Friday in the same old 101st position.

Belgium tops the world’s heavyweights at number one(1746 points) followed by France (1718 points) and Brazil( 1681 points) while England has stayed at the fourth position after finishing third at the Nations League finals.

Hosts Portugal who went on to win the Nations League tournament is up to 5th in the ranking which is their highest position since September 2017.

India has finished third in the Kings Cup in Thailand which is FIFA-sanctioned tournament but Stimac’s men had lost to Curacao 1-3 before beating Thailand for 1-0. But these results didn’t make any difference to the Indian ranking position.The Asian countries are lead by Iran (20th) followed by Japan(28), Korea(37), Australia(43) and Qatar(55) to complete the first five from Asia.

Meanwhile, the African powerhouse Senegal lead the continent after they ranked 22nd with 1515 points and Uganda also leads the way with rank number 80 worldwide with 1299 points.