The Football 2022 World Champion Cup in Qatar has now entered into its climax stage, with knockout rounds about to be completed with semi-finals, the path to the finals is inching closer and closer. We now have the final four teams Argentina, Croatia, France, and Morocco. Needless to say that this World Champion Cup has been a stark reminder for the teams that they need to play as per their name and standards.

Before getting into the predictions of the finals and the World Champion Cup winner, let us take a look at how the World Champion Cup has progressed to this stage along with the major stories so far.

It was a roller coaster of a ride, to say the least, you had the giants like Belgium and Germany failing to make it past the group stages. You had Saudi Arabi beating Argentian in their opening match. The drama of all sorts and shocking results have become a theme of this World Champion Cup which saw the biggest of nations crumbling under the pressure.

The story of the Morocco football team is one for the ages, after seeing off Belgium in the group stage fixtures they send Spain packing home. It was as if they reached a pinnacle but that was not it as they went on to defeat Portugal in the quarter-final stages. They have now become the first African nation to reach the semi-finals of the Football World Champion Cup.

The journey of the Argentina team has not been easy sailing, to say the least, they did bounce back from the Saudi debacle and went on to beat Mexico and Poland in their remaining group-stage matches. Next, they beat Australia in the round of 16 and had a feisty affair with the Netherlands in the dramatic penalty shootout win in the quarter-finals. Messi and Argentia are still dreaming with a much-awaited contest against Croatia in the semi-finals.

With the quarter finals stages now concluded the fans the experts of the game are now pouring their opinions and predictions for the winner of the 2022 World Champion Cup. Adding our sauce to an already spiced-up conversation, here we have our take and predictions for the Football 2022 World Champion Cup winner.

Argentina vs Croatia – With Messi and co-determined to make up for the 2014 shortcomings, they will be oozing with confidence and morale after a hard-fought win vs Netherlands. Croatia meanwhile, who have been under the scanners are now in limelight and they will need to play out of their skins to get a desired result. However, considering how the journey of the two teams has been so far, it looks like Argentina has the edge here.

France vs Morocco – France has the World Champion Cup holders and will be eager to reach the finals. Mbappe, Giroud and the Dembele have been holding their own in the attacking players but they are sure to be dealth with a huge surprise in Morocco who have been a giant slayer in this tournament. Morocco themselves have the likes of Hakimi, E. Nesyri, Boufal, and Amrabat who have been shining brightly. In the contest of the favourite and underdog, I think it is Morocco who will punch above their weights and get their place in the finals.

The Finals – With the ongoing predictions, it will be Argentina vs Morocco in the finals. A South American nation vs African country, a stuff of dreams for both the teams. This could be the first World Cup final for Morocco while Albicelsetes will be looking to make it their 5th time. Argentina who have been dreaming large for the World Cup, especially for L. Messi would come within the touching distance of this dream.

Messi famously called it quits from International football in 2016 after losing the America Football Cup finals. Thankfully he came back and won the title in 2021 against Brazil in Brazil and then went on to beat Italy the European Football Cup in finalisima. Argentina have got all the ingredients for them to go on and win this title from Morocco. It will be indeed magical and emotional for the millions of L. Messi fans who are waiting for him to lift the trophy.

 As for the Morocco team, their run to the final stage of the World Champion Cup will be a learning curve. It will be so close but yet so far from them. The reason being that they have not been at the grandest stage and in all fairness having L. Messi in the opposition team is reason enough to be wary and careful, this approach of singling out Messi will bite them and the Argentines will win the World Cup.

Scoreline Predictions: Argentina 1 – 0 Morocco.
Players to Watch ARG: L. Messi, N. Molina, E. Fernandez
Players to Watch MOR: H. Ziyech, Y. Nesyri, A. Hakimi