Ever since games began to make their foray into the online space, the Fruit Slice game has been one of the most popular games. The game is simple, fun, and easy to play, the objective of the game here is to slice the different fruits tossed on your screen using the knife. The player who has the highest score in an allotted time is adjudged the winner.

With more and more players joining in to play the Fruit Slice game online, the gaming platforms have now made it more interesting by adding leaderboard games in a competitive environment. Now the players not only will be enjoying the seamless gaming experience but will also have an avenue to make real money online. It’s that simple, join your favorite Fruit Slice games online and start winning money.

Fruit Slice, in general, may come to you like a simple fun game that is quite easy to play but that’s not the case always. Especially, if you are in a cash game and you are up against real opponents, who just like you are in it to win it. So, how can you get better of these opponents? It is simple all you need to do is to follow the mentioned tips and tricks in the segment below. This not only will help you win big but also sharpen your skill in becoming a fruit-slicing champion.

Here are the tips that will help you win at the Fruit Slice game online

Take it slow

Most often while playing fruit slice online many of the players make this common mistake of hurrying themselves into slicing the fruits. This leads to either missing out on the fruits or worst slicing the bombs which result in a deduction of your points. So, make sure once you have started slicing take it step by step and do not force yourself into making quick moves.

Combos For The Win

Hitting combos means slicing three fruits or more in a single strike of the slice on your screen. Whenever the player slices a combo it adds bonus points to the total score of the player. This in turn helps the player to score maximum points and add more to it using the combos.

Do not use more than one finger

There are some tips out there stating that using more than one finger helps you score big on fruit slice games, however, this is not true. The only thing this does is distract your focus and concentration. This also prevents the players to have a good look at the screen as the fingers have occupied most part of the mobile screen or their portable devices.

Try playing upside down

This is the one trick every player should try at least once. Try holding your device upside down and then slice the fruits. As the fruits are tossed from the bottom of the screen it helps players to slice them early and quite easily. When you play normally, your hand obscures your screen in the initial stage when the fruits are tossed so it’s better to tilt your screen upside down and play.

Sound cues are important

If you pay close attention while playing the game you will be able to hear whether the fruits are being launched or a bomb. By listening to these cues you can prepare yourself for your next move, you will know when to slice and when to not. Another added tip is to play the game using your headphones and earphones on.

Practice is the key

Like every other game, you will only get better at playing fruit slice if you play it on a regular basis. Practicing the game will only add to your quick reaction and understanding of the mechanics of the game. You cannot expect positive outcomes from your games if you play the game at irregular intervals, it’s better to enjoy and practise the game regularly and thus increase your chances of winning exciting cash rewards and prizes.