Having been originated in India, Ludo is being played for a long time. The game is particularly popular amongst the millennials who often dwell upon their childhood memories of playing Ludo along with friends and close ones. Though primarily the game is played for fun and entertainment, it also requires shrewd tactics and strategies to win a Ludo game.

The era of technologies and digitization has now brought your favourite board game right to your fingertips. You can play ludo game online with your friends anytime and anywhere you want using fantasy gaming platforms. The online game is no different than what you play, you will have four tokens which you will have to race to the finish line without getting eliminated.

The player who manages to safely land all their tokens to the home finish is crowned the winner, sounds simple right? It’s not. Players playing this game are tacticians and you will have to up your strategical play to win. Proper groundwork along with some fine details of the game will help you get better off your opponents whenever you are playing Ludo.

Strategies That Will Help You Win Ludo Games

Get Your Tokens Out Onboard Moving

Often a times players in the hoard of getting the token to finish keep on racing their single token. Despite having sixes on dice they choose not to get another token in but rather move on to the existing one. Do not do this rookie mistake, whenever you are provided with opportunities to release your token, do so. A widespread placement of your tokens will ensure your continuity in the game and thus increase your chances of winning it.

Block the Opponents

Fishing is the best strategy while playing Ludo. Knowing that your opponent is going to have to move through your base and you have a token there. Do not move it, rather wait for your opponent to make the move through, upon having a perfect striking opportunity take out your competition. This strategy is not just restricted to your home base but across the Ludo board so fish onto your opponents but remember this only comes in handy when you are in the ascendency.

Always Have Reinforcement in Place

The game of Ludo at times does not always bend according to your wishes so it is better to be prepared for the uncertainty. Suppose you find yourself in a situation where you know your token is about to be eliminated so in such a scenario rather than spending all your dice spins on that particular token get another token in a place where you will be able to overcome your loss. Instead of focusing on one aspect try to create possible options that will help you in winning the game. Remember do not get narrow-sighted and invest your focus on one play.

Safety Over Elimination

Yeah, it can be inviting for all the players when presented an opportunity to eliminate your opponent. However, there will be instances where you will have to look beyond just eliminating your competition, suppose you have your token edging towards the finish line and needs the same number of moves as that of to striker of the rival token, Here, you will need to ensure the safety first because as long as your token is on the board the other opponent’s cam strike at that piece which is closing onto the finish line. So make a good decision in such a scenario.

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Another simple yet often looked away from the detail of the game. In the hoard of getting your tokens as close to your home, there might be opportunities for you to striker or even stall your opponents. However, a failure in keeping these fine details in mind you may allow your rivals to pass through with ease and you might be kicking your feet for not making the most of it. Always think your moves through and keep a note of which of the tokens are placed where and what next move would be a safe and precise one for you.

Ludo Strategies to Think Before Moving the Tokens

1. Kill the competitors as much as possible. This is the best Ludo strategy to help you win games.
2. Keep the tokens at safe distances from each other and move them while getting big numbers. Always invest a smaller number on those tokens that are safe from the house.
3. If you are confused about making a move for a kill or victory, always go for victory. If the number is too small for you to confirm the safety of your token, go for the kill then.
4. Move the token close to your starting point and avoid crowding out your own area.
The more you move your tokens logically, you can prevent opponents from killing you.

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