The Tamil team from the Zone B brigade will play against the Gujarat team from the Zone A brigade in the Inter-Zone Challenge Week tomorrow i.e. October 26th at 9 PM at the Patliputra Sports Complex in Patna.

Gujarat has fallen off a win against Pune and would hope to make it a streak with a win against the Tamils. Gujarat has been doing great in both attack and defense, and the young brigade has been overseen well by their Captain, Manpreet Singh. The main issue with the group is the wastefulness of the corner defenders. They have attempted and have now probably chosen to go for Ruturaj Koravi in the right corner. At the left corner, however, Kalai Arasan has flopped pitiably and Sachin Vittala hasn’t been much noteworthy at that position either. Their seven day stretch of rest would have given them enough chance to form a methodology and a thought of the fundamental players to be used successfully in those positions.

Hadi Oshtorak would be the sought after a replacement for Ruturaj in the right corner position if the Gujarat team chooses to do as such. The Tamils too are running short of a win and would love to proceed with the force to secure another 5 points from their match against Gujarat. It was an in and out execution by the Tamil team in their last match, where its star players Ajay Thakur, Jasvir Singh and Manjeet Chillar all ventured up to convey a triumphant performance. The attacking unit is relentlessly trying to discover its position, and alternate raiders need to keep on supporting Ajay Thakur to enable him to do his best on the tangle. Tamil team needs to discover a place for the young Athul MS as he has indicated consistently of what he is fit for in an attack.

The defense of the Tamil still looks somewhat unsteady, for the most part, because of the harsh fix of shape that Amit Hooda is experiencing; however, the incorporation of the experienced Sunil in the defense setup would give Amit the help that he should be upfront in his tackles.

Tentative 7 players aligned for each team

Gujarat Team: (Captain) Sunil Kumar, Hadi Oshtorak/Sachin Vittala, Ruturaj Koravi, Ajay Kumar, Parvesh Bhainswal, Sachin Tanwar, K Prapanjan

Tamil Team: (Captain) Ajay Thakur, Athul MS/Sukesh Hegde, Amit Hooda, Darshan J, Jasvir Singh, Sunil, Manjeet Chillar


Sachin Tanwar, K Prapanjan, and Athul MS

Sachin Tanwar and K Prapanjan have emerged as the two lead raiders for the Gujarat team and will look forward to improving upon their score against the Tamil team. For the Tamil squad, Athul MS is the top raider and they would be looking to make a profit on points with his benign presence.



Amit Hooda, Ruturaj Koravi and Sunil Kumar

Although Hooda didn’t have exemplary performances most of the time, he will surely look forward to elevating the level of his game with tomorrow’s match against Gujarat. The sturdy pair of Ruturaj and Sunil will undoubtedly look forward to creating havoc for the Tamil raiders. Sunil already has acquired a good number of points so far and will look to pile it up more.

All Rounders

Manjeet Chillar

Being the lone all-rounder and ever since the injury of Ajay Thakur, Manjeet has been considered as an essential value addition to the Tamil team and he would be expected to showcase the same vigor as he had displayed so far in other matches.

Match Prediction – Gujarat vs Tamil.

Gujarat seems more promising for tomorrow’s decisive match with the Tamils, owing to the Tamil’s unstable performance previously.