Fantasy cricket has become quite a popularity among cricket enthusiasts in recent years, especially, since the 2020 lockdown period. Fantasy Cricket is a virtual platform where fans can create their dream team of real-life cricketers. One of the important aspects of Fantasy Cricket is the points system. The points system determines the values and points to the overall performance and success of the players. The points system is designed to precisely reflect the impact of players’ performances in actual matches, therewith rewarding strategic team selection and decision-making. The points system adds an extra layer of excitement, thrill, and competitiveness to the fantasy cricket experience, allowing the users to measure their success on the basis of accumulated points. 

Basics of Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket is one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world. Fantasy Cricket is often considered a skilled-based game where the fans can create a virtual fantasy team of real-life players to participate in a contest or a league. As a fantasy cricket player, the main is to choose the best eleven players from a pool of 22-25 cricketers from the upcoming match to form a virtual team. Eleven players consist of four batters, two all-rounders, a wicketkeeper, and four bowlers. When you join the contest, you will earn points on the basis of the player’s performance in the actual match. If your team tops the leaderboard, you will win exciting cash rewards. Since Fantasy Cricket is a game of skill, it is important for every player to strategize and use their skills to form their virtual teams to win leagues and rewards. 

Understanding the Fantasy Points System 

The points system is one of the most important aspects of Fantasy Cricket. The points system has the power to determine the overall performance and success of players in actual matches. It allocates values to various actions performed by the selected players in your Fantasy cricket team during live matches, such as scoring runs, hitting fifties and half-centuries, taking wickets, and catches, contributing to run-outs and stumping, and more. Every action of a player is crucial to accumulate fantasy points. These actions are translated into different points values, allowing the users to earn points on the basis of the performances of their selected players. The accumulating points scored by each player significantly contribute to the overall score of the Fantasy team, thus making the points system a pivotal element of the Fantasy Cricket experience. 

Fantasy Batting Points

  1. Runs scored: The more number of runs scored by players, the more points will be earned. The runs scored by each player in your Fantasy team will have a significant impact on the overall performance of the team. Generally, the selected player with the highest score led to more points.
  1. Strike rate: Player’s Strike-rate is one of the very crucial aspects in Fantasy cricket and thus, it is taken into account. The selected players in your team must score more runs in lesser balls to have a better strike rate. A higher strike rate signifies aggressive and impactful batting, which earns additional points in batting.
  1. Fours and Sixes: In Fantasy Cricket, fours and sixes by players contribute significantly to batting points. Scoring fours and sixes adds to a player’s points tally along with runs scored. The more fours and sixes players hit during the match, the more points they will earn. 
  1. Half-centuries and Centuries: If a player scores a fifty or century or both in an innings, that player will receive additional or bonus points. Bonus points for the fifties and centuries will contribute significantly to overall points in the Fantasy team. 
  1. Bonus for accomplishing milestones: The most interesting aspect of Fantasy cricket is that the players will get additional or bonus points for completing milestones. There will be a daily target or milestone to be unlocked in a Fantasy Cricket match.  If a player achieves certain milestones, that player will get extra points along with points based on the number of runs scored. 

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Fantasy Bowling Points

  1. Wickets Taken: The more number of wickets taken by bowlers, the more points will be awarded. When a bowler takes each wicket during the actual match, that bowler will get points. Wickets taken by each bowler in your Fantasy Cricket will contribute to the overall points earned, thus it will have a significant impact on the overall performance of the team. 
  1. Economy rate: The economy rate is the most important factor in bowling. The lesser the runs conceded in a certain number of overs, the better will be the economy rate. If selected bowlers have a less economy rate, additional points will be added to the team’s tally. A less economy indicates better and more impactful bowling, which earns additional points in bowling. 
  1. Maiden Overs: When a bowler bowls an entire over without conceding a single run it is called Maiden Over. In Fantasy Cricket, maiden overs can contribute to the overall score of the player. A specific number of points are awarded to a player for bowling a maiden over. If a bowler achieves a wicket maiden, that player will receive additional points. 
  1. 3-wicket hauls and Fifers: When a bowler takes wickets, they earn points for their team. However, when a achieves a three-wicket haul or a fifer in an innings,  then a specific number of points are awarded to a bowler. Typically, a bowler gets additional or bonus points for this achievement in addition to standard points for taking individual wickets. 
  1. Bonus for a hat-trick: Achieving a hat-trick in an actual match is the big thing for a bowler. In Fantasy cricket, a bowler is awarded additional or bonus points for taking a hat-trick of wickets in an innings. A bowler achieves a hat-trick when he/she dismisses three batsmen on the trot in three consecutive deliveries. Remember, bonus points for hat-trick varies depending on the format of the game. 

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Fantasy Fielding Points

  1. Catches: When a fielder takes the catch, he/she will earn points for their team. There are a certain number of points given to a fielder for catches. Awarding points to the fielder is a way of acknowledging their fielding skills. If a fielder or wicketkeeper takes multiple catches in an innings, additional or bonus points will be awarded.
  1. Run-outs: When a fielder or a wicketkeeper attempts a successful run-out, they will earn points for their team. There is a certain number of points awarded to a player for successfully attempting a run-out. There are two types of run-outs – Direct Run-Out and Assisted Run-Out. If a fielder directly hit the stumps, which results in the dismissal of a batter, points are awarded to that fielder. If two players are involved in running out the batsman, the points are divided between the two players involved in the dismissal.
  1. Stumpings: Stumpings are often done by the wicketkeeper. When a wicketkeeper successfully attempts stumping behind the wicket, he/she will receive points. There is a specific number of points that are awarded to a wicketkeeper for a successful stumping. Stumping requires focus and the presence of mind behind the wicket.
  1. Fielding Assist: When a fielder directly contributes to the batsman’s dismissal by catching the ball, he/she will receive fielding assist points. These points are usually awarded additionally to the points assigned for a catch or run-out. There is a specific number of points awarded to a player for fielding assistance. Fielders play a very important role in the match, thus their contribution to the game is equally crucial. 

Fantasy Bonus Points 

  1. Man of the Match Award: When a winning team player has performed really well, he/she will receive the Man of the Match award. In Fantasy Cricket, if a player is adjudged the Man of the Match award, then that player will receive additional points on top of the regular points they receive during the match. The Man of the Match is a crucial aspect in determining the number of points a player receives. 
  1. Captain and Vice-captain Points: Captain and Vice-captain are the key players in the fantasy team. If both perform really well, it will have an overall impact on the team’s performance. In Fantasy Cricket, Captain earns 2x points, while Vice-captain 1.5x points. More runs they score or wickets they take, the more additional points will be awarded to them. 

Fantasy Strategies for Maximizing Fantasy Points

Since Fantasy Cricket is a game of skill, the players need to be well-equipped well with certain strategies and skills to form their virtual teams to win leagues and earn cash rewards. Here are the top strategies to maximize your Fantasy Points: 

  1. Choose the player based on strengths: Meticulous selection of players for your Fantasy cricket team is important. You need to select those players whom you think have the ability to perform well and help you earn points. Before picking the players, look at their strengths and weaknesses. Also, go through their stats and recent performances. Random selection of players may lead to losing the match as well as money. 
  1. Analyze pitch and weather conditions: Assessing pitch and weather conditions is crucial before selecting the players for your Fantasy Cricket team. Pitch and weather play a very important role in the actual as they have a great influence on the players’ overall performance. Moreover, pitch and weather conditions can have a significant impact on the overall strategy of your Fantasy team. Reading pitches and weather reports helps you make informed decisions. 
  1. Select the right Captain and Vice-captain: Choosing the captain and vice-captain is very important as they can have a significant impact on the overall performance of your Fantasy team. Choose the captain and vice-captain who has performed really well in recent matches. Captain and Vice-captain performances will determine the overall performance of the team. 

Fantasy Scoring and Ranking in Fantasy Cricket

In Fantasy Cricket, the result will be based on the number of points accumulated (including bonus points) throughout the match. Every run scored and wicket taken by players will be translated into Fantasy points and at the end of the match or league, the total points accumulated will determine your team’s position in the ranking. The accumulated points are compared with other players to determine the rankings. Furthermore, leaderboards display the top-performing teams, enhancing competition and excitement. The team that topped the leaderboard will receive cash rewards. Leaderboards provide a sense of achievement and recognition, adding an extra layer of thrill and excitement to fantasy cricket. 

In conclusion, the points system is one of the most crucial aspects of Fantasy Cricket. It determines how well each player has performed in your team, contributing to the overall impact and performance of the team. There are points for batting, bowling, and fielding which will be accumulated to decide the position in the contest or a league. Players will receive additional or bonus points if they achieve certain milestones during the match. The points system provides a clear idea of how your players have performed throughout the match. Furthermore, there are certain strategies, including analyzing the pitch and weather conditions, bench strength, and selection of the right captain and vice-captain, will help you in maximizing the fantasy points. The points system feature adds an extra layer of thrill and excitement to the Fantasy Cricket experience.