You failed yourself. There’s no way out. Give up. You cannot express. You are meant to be bullied. You are too depressed. A stick of cigarette will surely pull you back out of depression. You are just a burden to society. You lack conviction. You will always fail. Why you live. There’s a bridge nearby, let’s jump and finish the story. It’s just a few meters, won’t hurt much, only drowning is involved. Jump, no one cares for you. Damn it, you made a mistake. Damn it, your parents. Damn it, your lung needs air, not water. It’s dizzy. I wish….

This is how my brain would pull off a conversation with me every time I am on a decision-making process. It’s not a serious mental breakdown or some malfunctioning in your brain. It’s you, who is weak enough not to agree with your mental state and strong enough to pull off a suicide attempt and fool enough to give up. Everyone has to walk through these lanes of depression and failures but survivors are those who quit. Yes, you have to quit.

Admissions were round the corner and like every average, nervous kid, I faced rejection. Rejection does make you weak like you couldn’t walk. Then I saw the “Man of Steel”, he wasn’t flying, in, he was riding. A wheelchair. And then he scored a basket. A civil engineer, would have given up after a tragic accident but he found his serenity, not in that wheelchair but a pacing, tensed, a mind-diverting game of basketball. He might have lost one or few games before moving for that dunk but like we all say “It’s just a game”. He won that game but I quit. I quit referring my life to a written destiny and that moment I accepted that it’s just a game to be played with rules and rules are meant to make us win and those who break are meant to find themselves out of the game.

The whole point of conveying my depressed and pointless motivational incident is we don’t know how sports leave a mark on our personality. If I have to say scientifically, playing sports and exercises increases the blood flow to the brain and helps the body build more connections between nerves, leading to increased concentration and better problem-solving skills. But if I have summoned my words, sports does make you a fighter, a player and a winner. Make sports, your drug, your addiction and this drug will take you to places, honour you with pride and fame with a name where your own sweat is involved. You can earn or if not, you can live a little longer like a fighter, not a quitter.

Winners are found in the battleground, quitters are found mourning on their own grave.