The International Cricket Council (ICC), in a statement released, claimed that more than one lakh tickets for the 2019 World Cup have been bought by women and over two lakh people will come to come to watch the vent for the first time.

Tournament director Steve Elworthy said,” This is one of the biggest cricket ballots we have run and the results have been incredible. We have seen more than 1.1 lakh women buying tickets and about 1 lakh under-16s coming to witness and experience the World Cup.”

The organizers hope that the match-day experience will inspire the youths to take up the sport and will be a motivation for the next generation.

The tournaments start on May 30th as the hosts England clash with South Africa and 48 matches will be staged with 10 teams playing each against in the round robin form as the top four makes it to the semi-finals.

“The tournament is expected to break new ground in a number of different areas. There were more than three million ticket applications with some individual games receiving as many as 4 lakh applications”, ICC statement quoted.