Jaipur will play against Bengal today, on Saturday in an Inter-Zone Challenge match of the Pro Kabaddi League 2018. Jaipur has 1 win from 4 matches and they lost their last match against the Patna. Bengal is playing following after a 5 days break after a 39-30 loss against Delhi.

Bengal has looked great when they were striking and Jang Kun Lee’s arrival to form will be a genuine lift for the team. Maninder Singh was shockingly silent, scoring only 6 and Mahesh Goud had a similar story, scoring 5 points. Maninder and Jang Kun Lee, whenever consolidated, will be a hazardous blend and they will hope to do precisely that against Jaipur. Bengal, driven by likely the best right cover, Surjeet Singh, is a decent defender and has not been the most exceedingly terrible in that division. Surjeet has been their champion player which doesn’t come as amazement. He has 13 points from 4 matches. The other cover, Ziaur Rahman from Bangladesh, has been weak and the group should replace him with probably Vijin Thangadurai or Adarsh T. Shrikanth Tewatia and Ran Singh, the 2 all-rounders, were given the corner defending jobs and they haven’t frustrated up until this point. Shrikant Tewatia has played in the right corner and scored 11 points from 4 matches but was dull in their past games. Ran Singh in the left corner has shared a comparative story, scoring 12 points from 4 matches.

Jaipur had amassed an incredible squad however the outcomes didn’t appear to come. Captain Anup Kumar had a not too bad excursion versus the Patna, scoring 8 points. Deepak Niwas Hooda, who has been their best raider until now, scored 8 points. Nitin Rawal wasn’t included in the match because of his injury. Selvamani K will hope to substantiate himself in this match. Jaipur has neither looked too bad in defense and the corner players Mohit and Sandeep have had a fair season so far. The cover blend was their feeble connection and Bajirao Hoadgae and Young Chang Ko neglected to have an effect. Jaipur will expect more consistency from their defense and will trust their cover defenders will settle down. Sunil is by all accounts a superior choice for them as had scored 3 points versus Patna.

The two groups will hope to get a win with the end goal to top their charts of Zone A and B in this critical match. Jaipur will be more expecting from their raiders, particularly star raider Deepak Niwas Hooda, and more development from their defense. Bengal will hope to finish off matches in a much better way and will need their raiders to mix well together.

Tentative 7 players aligned for each team

Jaipur Team: (Captain) Anup Kumar, Prashant Kumar Rai, Deepak Niwas Hooda, Sunil Siddhgavali, Selvamani K, Ajinkya Pawar/Sandeep Dhull, Mohit Chillar

Bengal Team: (Captain) Surjeet Singh, Vijin Thangadurai, Shrikanth Tewatia, Maninder Singh, Mahesh Goud, Jang Kun Lee, Ran Singh


Maninder Singh, Mahesh Goud, and Sunil Siddhgavali

Bengal so far has had a strong raiding unit and Maninder Singh is their star performer. He has so far scored the maximum points in raiding and will be hoped to do the same in the evening’s match. Goud too has been a strong supportive raider for the Bengal team and has gelled well with Maninder. Siddhgavali who unfolded his game from the match against Patna has done well and secured a few tackles for himself.


Surjeet Singh and Sandeep Kumar Dhull

Surjeet is one of the best cover defenders for the Bengal team. Dhull has done well for the Jaipur team in the left corner position and will hope to lock the ankle holds and provide assistance to Chillar on the other side.

All Rounders

Ran Singh and Deepak Niwas Hooda

Hooda who has been a good scorer so far will be expected to show the same performance in the evening’s match. Ran is also an able left corner defender and is tough with his dashes and tackles. He too should put up the same show tonight.

Match Prediction – Jaipur vs Bengal.

We opine, Bengal, all over again is more likely to win the evening’s match.