Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp firmly believes Sadio Mane can help inspire team-mate Mohamed Salah to return to his goal-scoring mode.

He urged the Liverpool star to stay patient so the goals will return and pointed to Sadio Mane’s 11 goals in 11 games run as the reason for him to remain confident.

Klopp said,” Sadio is in a really good moment, of course.

“Sadio pretty much always like this but now he is always in the right spot in the right moment. In football sometimes it is like that.

“The only thing he did when he was not always in the right spot was work and work and work.

“That’s exactly what Mo has to do, exactly the same. Just work, do the right things and it will come again.

He is just rather unlucky, whereas Sadio is lucky at the moment he is in brilliant shape, that’s true.

“But then he is in the right shape and maybe a yard away from him is Mo, but somebody else scored. That’s how it is, all good.”