Kevin De Bruyne, famed Manchester City Midfielder has pulled down the decision of retiring early from football. He says that the lockdown due the pandemic made him think about his decision all over. Seems like the thought of missing football after his career finishes seem little terrifying to Bruyne.

The campaign of 2018-2019 was filled with injuries and after that, Kevin De Bruyne was back on his feet and had a great performance that was inclusive of 16 assists and he was leading to break the Premier League record of 20 in a season before the league was suspended last month.

“I told my wife I’m going to play a little longer. After this lockdown, I can’t stay at home. I told her I’m going to take two years more. It’s time to play football again. I miss it and it’s difficult. But we are not important, football is not important. People love football.. but you need to stay safe. “ De Bruyne said in a live video on his Instagram page.

“I have been at home now for two weeks. In the beginning, my family and my kids were a little bit sick so that was a little bit worrying but they are alright now. It took eight or nine days… but now they’re better luckily as you never know what is going to happen” Kevin said this why he did not travel back to his native Belgium.

The outbreak has brought the global sport to a virtual standstill with events being postponed, suspended or cancelled. The Premier League season has been called off until at least April 30 after several positive cases in different teams estimated it to be a prime step to avoid further hindrance in the schedules of the upcoming matches.