That Virat Kohli & Sunil Chhetri are friends is widely known. The iconic captains share a good camaraderie & keep in touch with each other in spite of busy schedules. In a recent interview to TOI, Chhetri revealed more about their relationship.

Kohli had announced his decision to go vegan a few months back. Sunil Chhetri has also followed in his footsteps in hopes of improving his physical self at an age where quick recovery from injuries and niggles become trouble.

Narrating a quirky incident from the past, Sunil said he and Virat had been to a Star Sports program where the latter ordered Idli as a snack. Surprised, Chhetri asked Kohli if something was wrong with him & made fun of the same.

But the footballer was quick to appreciate Kohli’s determination, “It is not easy to do what he is doing. What Virat is doing is unbelievable. He actually trains like a footballer, he talks about body fat, he talks about sprints. He actually puts a lot of energy and time on being a better player and it is great because it is something which I learned from”.

The duo is setting fitness benchmarks for people all around the county – & we are loving it!