When a blog on Virat Kohli is to be made, a general idea is about a discussion of his upcoming records to be broken and the ones which he has shattered already, but this time Kohli’s name has been popped up into a kind of controversy.

The Indian captain is fined 25% of his match fee for advancing towards umpire Aleem darr in an aggressive manner while appealing for leg before wicket decision against Afghanistan. He was found guilty for breaching level one Code of Conduct of ICC Code of Conduct under the charge “ excessive appealing during the match”. This incident occurred during 29th over of the match when Jasprit Bumrah was called to produce a wicket and save India from a crisis like situation and wicket which was in the frame back then would have turned out to be most crucial one at that point, nevertheless, he scrapped that wicket later.

A formal hearing was not scheduled since he accepted his charges sanctioned by match referee Chris Broad.

Kohli turns out to be serial offender is his second offense gaining his first demerit point against South Africa in the year 2018. Yesterday’s incident has given one more demerit point to the Indian captain making the total tally to 2 according to the new ICC rules of 2016. To understand the gravitas of the situation if the player gets 4 demerit points within two years they are converted into suspension points leading to which player can be banned.

We all know Kohli for his aggression and give it more than 100% on the field attitude and because of which he is always at the center of the talk. He surely seems now to be in control of his emotions but it looks like he cuts some slack to them in this kind of situation sometimes. But he sure looks calmer and composes ever than before.