The former cricketer, greatest of all time, Brian Lara is going gaga over our famous cricketer Virat Kohli. He’s busy pouring praises all over his favorite Indian Captain.

Lara isn’t getting tired of flattering Kohli on any provided terms. He legit measured him up with the world’s eminent Football Icon Cristiano Ronaldo. “I think it has got a lot to do with Virat’s outstanding commitment besides his preparation. I don’t think he is any more talented than a KL Rahul or a Rohit Sharma but his commitment to preparing himself properly stands out. He is, for me, the cricketing equivalent of Cristiano Ronaldo,” Lara told PTI during an elite discussion.  They are two of the elite players in their respective games. One is on the ascendency to become an all-time great (if he isn’t already) and the other is the greatest player to have represented his country and surely one of the greatest to have graced the football pitch. The two are also international icons with dedicated fan bases who generate a lot of money for them. Lara admires Kohli’s fitness level and his mental strength.

“His batting skills are unbelievable. He is a guy you cannot leave out in any era. If a guy is averaging 50 plus in all versions of the game, then that is something which is unheard of,” the legend said.
He appreciates the level of Batting skills Kohli possesses and how he has done wonders in his life for his team and the country overall.
Kohli, went on to establish himself as a fantastic limited-overs player breaking records at whim and then a Test player who was showing his class and skill in the toughest of conditions.